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Seems like everyone here is a troll these days...I was trying to give some feedback that would be beneficial to sponsors

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Dear Ralph, Can you please follow the color of the gear with the brand of gear. It is a great opportunity to plug some sponsors. "Yellow and Black, Thor riding gear" Andrew

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I have a question. I thought that the section on the back of the helmet was supposed to be high to stop the head from going back. Looking at the new atlas brace it shows that the back is very low, why the big change? I have a leatt that is high in the ... more »

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The only thing that bugs me about this whole thing is that Peick was aiming for the bottom of the neck below the helmet. That, and the number of punches thrown. If it was 1-2 he would of been in the clear.

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that pic shows that dungey is still moving in a forward direction past the apex of the corner. That is the issue.

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The corner that Dungey took out Stewart was appalling and should of been changed after the first practice session. Deano almost did the same thing to Friese in their heat race. By looking at the photo below it appears that Dungey is cutting the track,

... more »

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I was in a similar position to you and have made a good career working in the powersports industry. My advice to is get good at SALES. I would start with the media companies, look for an junior position and work your way up. This will open many doors ... more »

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I like the gear, hate the name

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I understand that this topic is like beating a dead horse but the field has never been so deep. We now have 10+ guys that can win. Each of those riders deserve the 3 million +++ salaries a year, the guys in the top 10 - 20 deserve at least a cool mil, ... more »

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thats some funny shit right there..

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I would prefer stick knives in my ears than listen to that donkey for 16 weeks... Listening to JW commentate is like buying a car from a used car salesman... so fake.. he needs to work on being natural... go slow to go fast JW

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Looks like you need a lesson in currency exchange, import taxes and product mark up m8.

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I wonder how long the battery lasts if it's half the size.

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i haven't seen a Racer X on the new stands in Canada for years. It's a shame.

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i knew it was bad when he went down. Tomac fell the same way that Wilson did when he took him out in SX.

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I don't care what th camera looks like, that technology is bad ass. Especially if it is compatible with Oculus rift so you can look around. Andrew

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Their is a 17 yr old racing F1... just sayin

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Are Neck braces going the way of the doe doe like Kidney Belts did in the early 2000's?

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Dirt Shark sounds like angry Batman

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i want to see that go pro footage