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Only time I go to Atlanta after dark is for Supercross and Braves games. There's some rough folks in Atlanta, but it gets better the farther you get from the downtown area. For the record, Atlanta is not a good representation of the state of Georgia. ... more »

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Sound restrictions have gotten a lot tighter, though. I was there this year, too, and the biggest source of noise was just 70,000 people talking. I was disappointed in the smell this year. Has there been a new type of fuel released in the last year? ... more »

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Yeah, the can thing has been all over the radio and tv here.

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We're supposed to be getting a new stadium in the next couple of years. And they won't be tearing down the Georgia Dome, so it may be a possibility in the future to host multiple rounds here.

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You won't be disappointed!

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Wow. KTM definitely dominates off-road racing. I'd say the numbers were similar at a HS I did s while back.

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Not sure how far you're willing to divert, but I hear there's an awesome track in Panama City.

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Who is actually in charge of designing the tracks now? I vote for Pastrana to be the official track designer from here on out.

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I started wearing a chest protector when I was a kid because my dad was worried and made me wear one. I still wear it, and feel naked without it. I've had a cheap-o Thor quadrant protector for several years now, and I'm certain it has saved me from injury. ... more »

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That sounds like it would be a great concept. I would see the GP guys being more on-board with this than the U.S. guys, since they already travel all over for races. However, over here, they have a set schedule and "easier" money. RV can make his millions ... more »

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I like coming early to see practice, but last year they wouldn't let us get up to our seats until 6:00 I believe. It sucked.

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I have two old MSR Axxis (cheap-er) sets that have lasted forever and show little wear. The Fox stuff is ok, I really like O'Neal. Holds up great.

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I had a '91 RMX250, in 2006, less the lights and speedo. My first motocross bike. It was a severely neglected pile of crap. Literally everything broke once I started putting a couple hours on it. Rebuilt the thing, put on an FMF pipe, and it was very ... more »

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It's not the drunk people that bother me. Somehow, I always end up behind a large women with a deformed lower back tattoo and pants that don't meet her shirt. Gotta kill two hogs to get that picture out of my mind.

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AC92. I think it comes down to talent and determination. Some are well-off and not talented/determined enough to make it. Some have lots of money, which helps their natural ability by providing the best equipment/environment. Then some have raw talent ... more »

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If anybody wants to donate a good rolling chassis, I'm on the Electric Vehicle Team for my school (Southern Polytechnic State University) and we may be able to make it happen in the next year. We're currently working on a sportbike to run in the TTXGP. ... more »

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Does anybody know if there was ever an effort to buy the track after it closed? It's in such a great location, easily accessible from the interstate and all. The track was so awesome, but I guess the management was wrong? It seems that a track like ICR ... more »

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Been meaning to get up to DT sometime. I ride Bremen and Highland Park a lot. Tracks in GA are difficult to maintain. The guys at Bremen and HP do a great job, but the clay tends to be slick in the morning and hard as the day goes on. On the other end ... more »

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Less expensive bikes aren't going to happen unless the public as a whole demands bikes that cost less to build. And most people won't demand a crappy bike. Yes, this may help people get into the sport, and I think it would definitely help aftermarket ... more »

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Is episode 4 up yet? I just have basic tv. Anybody have a link?