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There’s serious shit going on with those guys!

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I went down and visited his facilities in NC and SC in 2004 to see about training there. He's a cool guy with a ton of knowledge. I know he worked with a ton of pro riders back in the day to help them heal and get them back on the line.

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When you factor in inflation and the money you could make off investing that lump sum it only makes sense to do that. I would of made them pay me in Bitcoin so there was no tax!

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If you just use it for the races and not as a daily driver I wouldn’t worry much about the miles if it looks like it’s been taken care of mechanically. Don’t forget your “free WiFi “ stickers either. Works way better than candy these days...

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What’s the lump sum if you take it all at once and not over the 20 Years?

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To me it sounded like he said “I told Matilda I would give her 10k if I won a million this week.” He acted like he said it thinking the likelihood of it happening was low, lol.

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Anybody win any money??

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I had the chance to meet Bobby when my dad drove the Cernic's Kawi rig. He's a cool dude and funny for sure. I remember hearing his dad left him at an Amateur National because he got 2nd place... pretty gnarly.

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That gets me every time I watch it, so gnarly! Also I guess nobody has went big after videos were able to be uploaded in anything higher than 240p...

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Yeah back when I did the series in 05-06 the only arena we went to that was home to a pro team was The Delta Center for the Utah Jazz. They definitely need to move the series start back to November like it used to be.

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Over the counter meds could give a false positive reading on an instant strip test. Lab results would be able to tell the difference though.

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Still have one of the shirts too and he was all about the big tent philosophy! It was a really neat idea for sure.

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Too bad you don't live closer. My foreman is looking for one of those and that is a good price!

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450 1. Anderson 2. Tomac 3. Dungey 250 1.Craig 2.AC 3.Osborne

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I see no problem with these photos either. I used to ride at a track right next to a highway and people would pull over and take pictures all the time. Never did I think, wow what an invasion of privacy.

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I'm going to need you to put an X on that bro...... lol looks good!

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The rider formerly known as 7 deuce deuce...

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Brake Baggett is so cool! Just wish he would get back on the Susuki!