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Interpreting the question as applying to all disciplines I have to go with Steve Wise, a winner in mx, road racing, flatrack tt and superbikes back when that was a thing. Looking at mx only its hard to pick just one guy, there's been so many great riders

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Dear Santa....

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Campbell High school in Fairburn Ga, alma mater of "Bad" Brad Wallace and Billy "Kawboy" Liles, and of course ... never had hs mx per se but I always envied the west coast guys that had that chance...

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Good move on AHRMA's part to incorporate another generation of bikes. Inevitable actually considering the success of the next generations of bikes in the local clubs.throughout the country. Granted their history is a bit storied when it comes to changing ... more »

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H1 ? rotary valved....

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Thats one of em..yep

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There are two different track's that Matt is workin with, one out I-20 east and one west over in Ala.. .. and Bainbridge is about 35/40 miles from Albany,thats "vicinity" Id think.

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Matt's deal is east of Atlanta and he is working with a track just over in Alabama as well, Albany would be in the vicinity of Lusk's place and MTF as best as I can see.

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The 19 inch maxxis is a particularly difficult tire to mount, a friend that was in the industry told me once that this is in part due to the fact that Maxxis didnt recast the molds for their 19's when they started making them, rather , they ground out ... more »

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Good to see the vintage stuff gettin some luv in the main forum rather than just over in "old school". Certainly not everyone is into it but the following is strong especially among the more "mature" moto crowd, its a great way to relive the history ... more »

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If there is a company that does metal plating or powdercoating in your area you could have them dip and strip it for you. Or if you have to do it at home then perhaps you can find some paint remover chemicals at a hardware or industrial supply near you? ... more »

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Veddy nice...always pulled for Nate Dawg and God bless Ernesto.. Bailey and Eckman commentary...classic..thats some good racing follow the leader and settle in that one...

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x 100......Cool vid.....bikes and quads on track at the same time...not so cool...didnt seem to be a problem tho, dude was railin...

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The Magnums were probably the best handling maico's ever..those Fox's were a definite upgrade over the stock Corte Cosso's .

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85 was the first year of the single shock for Husqvarna I do believe..dont think they got very good reviews ..cant recommend one unless its really cheap and in really good condition. The Honda's would be better choice's. The 83 480 is a good choice for ... more »

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Paying a yearly membership to me is a gamble because I personally wouldnt get to ride enough at the one track to justify up front costs ($35 bucks isnt going to break the bank but its still almost two more days of riding if you only got to come out there ... more »

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The coolness factor alone with that setup will carve seconds off your laptimes for sure...granted a Race Tech'd set of Maico forks and a modern set of shocks from Ohlins, Works Performance , Race Tech or any other more recent manufacturer would probably ... more »

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I think the longer ones of about 17.5 are most in demand because they fit the GP class of bikes which is probably the most popular long travel twinshock class in AHRMA, the historic class bikes that run the shorter 14 - 15 inch shocks are a little less ... more »