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Looks like a normal sized SX track now that the superminis are on it. Obstacles are that low...

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It is very tamed down. They opened the stadium gates at the same time they dropped the gate for 450A group so the general population missed that. Track will be great for 250 racing bit 450 will be weird as the 450 B group was pretty bad and everyone ... more »

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I got my gift certificate code a couple of weeks after getting top 5 in a round... Been playing forever and got everything I ever won...

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If Im Webb I'd seriously consider letting everyone go into the first turn before me to avoid trouble... then pick up easy points as the race goes on. But as a true racer he'll go for it.

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Nick Wey had 27 for a looong time. Dowd 16, Byrne 26 and Windham 14 are probably top 10.

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He's only 12 points behind... If he wins the next round and AC gets 4th; a handful of point will seperate the top 4.

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And as of about a week ago he still hadn't heard a thing about getting paid....

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Whats the deal with grey? Grey equals military in 2019?

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I bet most teams had a 2nd bike because their race shops are near Anaheim. JGR is based in NC and they probably didn't want the extra bikes in their way at the races and on the road for weeks...

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You only have to pick the top 5. Just pick whoever you think are the 5 bests and cross your fingers. That game is mostly luck if you have minimum knowledge of who can get top 5.

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At that time is the deadline??? It says TBD on their site. I'm guessing 7 local time but I'd like to know..

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They have to remove the tarp for the races. At that point, rain can fall on the track and make it muddy. If they wouldn't cover it before the races, it would probably look like diarrhea instead of mushy poop.

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They announced the 3 year deal for the MTL SX during the event so they already knew about the bad turnout. Maybe the MTL SX is still a thing and just not part of the Triple Crown Schedule. Some people were upset last year because they had to pay to get ... more »

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I think I'm gonna wait 'til Sunday to purchase anything. If other Canadians can get the NBC Gold deal to work with a VPN, I'll go that way, if not I guess I'll pay the $200. Luckily I got something else woth friends on Saturday night so I couldn't watch ... more »

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omg so many useless posts....

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Transworld and people on social media say 3x15 but the AMA document attached in the Transworld article says 3x12 for 450. 3x10 for 250.

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I have a WR250X. Only 29 hp but it gets the job done pretty much everywhere. Long highways rides are not fun but do-able. The manual says you should check the valves every 26,600 miles! I'm about to the reach that mark and haven't had any issues ... more »
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That website is a mess... I really don't understand how they haven't built a regular online store yet. That catalog is ridiculous and a pain in the ass. I never bought from them and I wish I could because they've supported the pro series for so long. ... more »

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They're currently advertising the SupercrossLive stream pass... I can't see them doing that and announcing a NBC gold pass deal in the same week...

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Facciotti is always disappointing at the MXON it seems while Medaglia always saves Canada.