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3 - Joel Smets 11 - Ezra Lusk

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I will 2nd this one. Also XXL gloves, this is my go to grip. I prefer the medium compound.

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As goofy as that long low tank looks, there is some reason to keep it. The stock one keeps all that fuel weight about 6" lower (closer to the center of rotation on the bike) rather than having all the fuel way up at the top like most bikes. My dad was ... more »

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Not the best picture but I had found this article in an old Cycle USA (Midwest mag) while cleaning stuff out of the basement this past year.

Looks like Jim Neese was riding them in the fall of 97. I raced Husabergs a fair amount back then as ... more »
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Just bringing this back up to point out that unfortunately my prediction came true. Glad it doesn't look like anyone got hurt too seriously with that ridiculous orientation. BTW - look at the Rd 4 /Indy 1 start! Basically the exact same thing, but actually ... more »

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Love some good spreadsheet statistical analysis! My thoughts: - limit it to just SX for stat analysis - this means only 3 active champs in the "Big Boy" class - assign a points system to plug into the sheet to analyze -its your sheet, but here is my ... more »

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I just got started in it recently using a hand me down Kinetic trainer from a friend.

They are smart trainers that link to an app on your phone/laptop/ipad. It is pretty cool. They have routes all over and group rides. Simulates the load change ... more »
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Rd 2 - if you get blown out in the first half of the first turn, it looks like you have about 5 seconds to get up and out of the way before being landed on from the next lane... Could be a little frogger going on there!

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GE - I was going to call you out on your stat of where the top 10 came from , but rechecked the 2 Sportsman classes from this year (30 &45), and you are really close to correct. I would like to point out though that the North Central (IL specifically) ... more »

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The dude that won the +45 class this year is a regular guy that owns his own tree service company (and did it on one of those really un-competitive yellow bikes to boot)! I don't know his full backstory, but he has been kicking my ass locally for many ... more »

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Jeff Glass Ryan Clark 2 privateers that really upped the game with sponsorships and made things sustainable for themselves even if they weren't at the front of the pack.

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$100 in US.

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Bringing this back to the top. Still have 3 Bultaco Jerseys and a few of the CCM Jerseys.

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Runner: 74 Bultaco Matador Six Days

Something a little less "blaaa": Current project: 76 Bultaco Pursang 200 ... more »
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Not going to put out any claims at it being the "fastest" group, but being that you are Midwest based, you might check this group out: They are a little more northern than you though... They run a really good series on some fun tracks. ... more »

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As ATKP mentioned, 93 was the first year for the newer body work that they kept until 97. It was also the 1st yr for the grey frame (white plastic purple trim and seat). 96 they went to the Butterscotch Orange plastic, but shape was the same. 1990 was ... more »

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Congratulations on a great career Mr. Leok! Obviously there were/are a lot larger issues with 2020, but one of the things I was bummed about is that he wasn't able to go for his 20th MXoN in a row for ESTONIA! I wonder if he will try to make it out for

... more »
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Pretty sure Anaheim Stadium typically has another tennant starting in late March... Isn't the San Diego stadium also the baseball stadium? I know they switched recently. I wonder if the new stadium the Rams/Chargers are is an option.

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As a long time GP fan, I used to always look forward to the USGP's to see how the 2 series stack up. After the success of the Red Bud MXoN (which was my 2nd one to attend in person - 2016 Maggiora being first), I was sure a regular USGP would be back ... more »

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