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SX is not the same without DD, its a lesser product with her, because of her looks, her energy and her talents and knowledge of the sport.

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Instead of going to jail you break your femur and are out for 9 months...

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Great MEC except for Deano.

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I like their stuff but I hate the brand name Seven. I think its a dumb name and looks dumb on the gear. I would change it to Bubba Gear or simply BUBBA

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I think its perfectly fine as is. We dont need more detail just a basic indicator of the concensus. If you want to quickly use up or down, its easy. You want to voice your Vitardness, then break out the virtual keyboard and post

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I thought Filthy Phil Nicoletti was in Canada?? Who else would be so cheap as to try to ride for free?

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Im almost ready to pull the trigger on a Sur-ron. I wish it wasnt such a stupid name though

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I see 5-7 place finishes at MEC and worse at A1. Still a great rider but you cant beat father time.

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What dis they think was going to happen when they release a highly overpriced electric sport bike to Harley VTwin audiences? Harley sales are already down because they think they can sell a Street Glide with a new paint scheme for $5k more than the previous ... more »

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Hmmm thats the ugliest Honda I have ever seen. Glad to see Chad there at Monster Cup, but somehow I feel this decision to ride a Honda and not a Zuke is a fools errand and will seal his Non-ride for 2020. Chad has to be Chad, and thats parts of his allure.

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One more thing, according to the movie the SoCal racing scene is shady and dominated by Middle Easterners!

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Theres plenty of land for folks to hike and bird watch. Theres plenty of land for people to jog. Theres very little land for mountain biking and they should expand this and fuck the hikers and bird watchers. We have millions of acres of Everglades for ... more »

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1983-1986 CR, nothing else even comes close. The new Yamahas are really nice.

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So I went and spent my hard earned money to see it, didnt wait for video. I took the wife and two daughters, 17-18 and their boyfriends. Everyone thought it was a great movie and really enjoyed every minute of it. Sure it could have been better if you ... more »

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You guys would complain about free head on the beach in Cabo... Just see the movie or dont see the movie. Any publicity is good publicity.

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I say when the lappers are rolling obstacles and going off the track to move over, they need to be black flagged. Its jsut too hard to determine a Privateer sometimes. The best thing that could happen is for the Factory to field enough rides that no ... more »

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I read every shootout and I enjoy them. I used to buy a bike every 5 years or so, and it was always a 2-3 year old CRF. So if I decide to buy in 2023, I will remember the 2020 shootout and how the Honda did. I use it do decide which year CRF to buy, ... more »

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Riders, and anyone on a Honda.

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How bout them Cowboys!!?