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RBSR is a one off, off season event for riders to compete and have fun, all while providing entertainment for fans. It is NOT professional SX or an AMA sanctioned event. Much of the attendance was due to "promotion" by RM69, and thus we will all have ... more »

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Pull your pilot jet and make sure it is not partially clogged.

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Sternum Break:

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Quote from Jimmy's Instagram yesterday: Headed in for surgery this morning to reattach my sternum. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has came to visit and sent me kind/motivating messages this past week. Sorry I have not responded, I really ... more »

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FYI:I could care less if you are democrat or republican. National health reform (known to most as Obama Care) is the perfect fit for a professional privateer racer. The cost of insurance is based on taxable income. I would say almost every privateer ... more »

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This post makes the most sense to me. Perhaps reimburse entry fee to top 40 riders. Then I believe the money should be split (fairly)evenly among those racers.

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Years ago the outdoor national series did initiate a rule that a rider could not race the amateur event hosted the day(s) before the National prompted by racers getting extra track time before the national, which is in the rulebook somewhere.

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I was curious to see whether riders would be able to ride both events, and then I heard riders would only be able to race one event . Is this ruling from the Professional racing rulebook? I thought about a safety factor, but it seems to me if an AX rider ... more »

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Try Gabapentin or Neurontin. Non narcotic. It does seem to cause some tiredness or fatigue, but so does no sleep if the pain is too bad.

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Let me look at my crystal ball

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Channel 618 in full HD on Direct TV with a slightly upgraded channel package over the most basic package.

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Can you imagine that people actually get ill feelings toward a rider because of a fantasy league? Pourcel will always be a champion in my eyes. You have to put him in the exclusive Doug Henry club on what he has achieved going though complete adversity. ... more »

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Anderson is a bad ass and one of only a handful of riders who can actually win a SX.

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What a great way to start my morning....Good stuff!

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I think the biggest question is....does it affect the fantasy

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Thanks for taking the time to write this post! This post is worthy of a "sticky". Perhaps should go in "forum rules" Include this post when a suspension is handed out pertaining to this topic.

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What year did they have several pros design some of the SX tracks? Pastrana made the best track ever in St Louis

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I got a new Raptor Crew for sale. $75k. Due in February 3rd. Well optioned. Have MSRP already. Send me a PM if interested. Midwest delivery point.