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Meh, he states that it wrapped up around the rear wheel. If the single bolt was the pivot point the rear edge of the aluminum cage would be damaged, the picture doesn't show that. Also, wrapping around the rear of anything wouldn't be possible.

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What happened to the 3rd bolt / hole? How did it manage to make it unscathed?

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I don't actually see where DF14 makes any contact before Jmart crashes. Looks like he didn't expect DF to be there and freaked out a bit and lost it.

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Lucas and 7-eleven have a partnership as of recently, they supply all the branded oil and chemical products. I assume it's a decent deal for them being Lucas.

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The ups guy that delivered to our shop had a big mouth and ran it often so we greased his door handle and steering wheel one day. Shortly thereafter he ran his mouth about the incident... So we drilled a hole in his exhaust threaded in a zerk and pumped ... more »

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While looking for some obscure Buell parts I stumbled upon this ebay seller that has a good amount of Alta stuff. The prices are all buy it now and they don't seem unreasonable. There's some trick EBR stuff on there as well.

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Everybody always complaining about the secrecy in mx, Kenny says what he's got going on and the masses call BS. Weird...

Added reply in a thread mx vs atv all out 5/20/2020 7:36 AM Looks like Rainbow announced complete 2020 national tracks. Starting with Hangtown tomorrow. I'm excited for The Wick but it's going to be tough switching back from MESX3.

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By unrestricted you're saying the washer has been removed from the headpipe?

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Did we ever get an answer on the legends pack release date? Would like to rip that CR250!

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Search vapor honing on YouTube. They do a CR white airbox and some boots and they come out fantastic. I do somewhat recall someone mentioning doing a yellowed tank as well with this method.

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Whoops of death are awesome!

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I think the larger rear sprocket makes the bikes track straighter in the whoops. However, they compensate for the larger sprocket with internal gear changes. McGrath was doing that in the late 90's if I remember correctly. Wish TFS was here to inform ... more »

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He had posted somewhere that he had been allowed to do the track designs/layouts for next year and that would be taking all his extra time.

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Paul Currie.

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I followed Sam Darnolds( nfl

progress with Mono over the last several weeks. Upon Googling around I see that Mono and EB are closely related and that at times EB will show no symptoms until Mono is active as a result of the EB. I wonder if ... more »
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I wonder if you could make it rider to crew for the majority of the lap, then when the rider enters a particular area (mechanics area geo fence) the mechanic can communicate a short message to the rider. Force the teams to be more strategic in info transfer, ... more »

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I picked up a Canon G7X for high quality random pictures. While going through a bunch of how to videos I see that it's a very popular vlog camera. It is super easy to use and performs really well for my use. Lots of reviews on YouTube from vlogers.

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Barcia vs. Barcia

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Is this a 250 or 450 setup?