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You created a profile so this can be your first post? Do we really need to bitch and whine about numbers and jerseys?

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Not having them is even lamer. Less racing for your money if you are buying tickets.

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I tried all of the different suggestions to cure the pain and none worked. Eventually, I had the plantar fasciitis release surgery and that completely cured it. That was a little over 20 years ago. The surgery was done in his office and I walked out. ... more »

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Back in the late 80's or early 90's I can remember seeing a quad main event as a halftime show at Anaheim. I believe Gary Denton may have won it. No offense to Gary, but it was gay then and it would be gay now.

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James Stewart must have been a very small 17 year

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only a Noob would mention doing something religiously on Vital. STFU

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I started my speedway career in 1981. I was told I needed to call this number to get a number assigned to me. So I called and told the woman (Jean Fink) I need a number. She told me the lowest number available is number 166. So for the next 24 years,

... more »
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Anyone complaining about Ronnie must be a PC snowflake. PC snowflakes are ruining America and now Vital. It's a joke people, either you get it or you don't. But for those of us that do get it, please shut up so we can enjoy the Ronnie Mac show!

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Ask your mom, I bet she knows damn well who Uncle Ronnie #69 is!

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I think Ronnie Mac is great for THIS sport.

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Even just one pound of body fat is 3500 calories. The slimmest rider out there has more than enough calories stored in body fat to get them through one day of racing.

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1972 rocket Rex Staten Corona Raceway. They let go of the rubber band and everyone took off except one rider. He sat there until every went through and then left the first turn. He put the bike in gear and then took off and rode a wheelie all the way ... more »

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The very latest in bullet bra technology?

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Rented mountain bike in Moab a year ago and it was awesome.

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After setting mine correctly it was still skipping events. Luckily I was always checking before it was supposed to record. Now I just manually set mine a day before the race. It's a hassle but I never miss a race that way.

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What a fucking dumbass! No one gets to where he is if they are not mentally tough.

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Um, no. I am pretty sure when he announced his retirement he meant he was done racing. He did not mention any exceptions.

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The good old days when Stewart and Barcia were fast. It would be nice to see both of them up front again.

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My guess is you will probably be the only one considering Eli's championship a hollow one. I will take his hollow championship over all of your championships.