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I know he’s getting nearer, what does he look like.

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They always take the safe pick…….and are rarely correct. Steve picks the guys he likes, JT seems to think about it more. Weege is a crap shoot. Mostly they are about as accurate as an average Weather man.

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This is kind of the new normal. We sell Ford parts online and shipping has been an issue for over a year. USPS and FedEx have been terrible at getting packages out to consumers. We shipped a package from Michigan to Memphis on 5/27 USPS Priority mail ... more »

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As long as your not paying him a lot of $$$. He is just another white bike riding around out there now. He is not fighting for podiums or top 5's anymore, that ship has sailed. He got the most TV time in SX this year when he went to the LCQ 3 times in ... more »

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Flagg Brothers!!! Hell Yeah. Gotsta get me that damn cane That coat is dope at only $64.99

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He can say whatever he wants to. I don't see him coming back to PC. However Mitch is pretty loyal to his guys, so you never can tell. Has he ever ridden a complete series as a pro ?

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Ken won a Championship under Aldon, so did Anderson....................What have they done after leaving Aldon's program?

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Time will tell if him leaving is a net gain or loss. If you look at the guys that have left, there seems to be a drop off in performance. I just don't see a good reason to leave. If things are going well, why do you want to mess with success?

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That doesn't sound like enough unless you have 20 guys training there. The overhead must be pretty low. Even at 2 Mil a year total your not pocketing much $$$

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I hate Yamaha's ...................But that bike looks really tempting. The price isn't too bad at $8999.00 it is only 80hp which is a bit weak. It's nearest competitor is the Aprillia RS660 at $11,400.00 but it makes about 100hp. It would be hard to ... more »

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I mountain bike some and never ride without my monitor. I used to ride so hard that I would throw up after every ride. I wasn't that fast I was just working too hard. I bought a HRM and use it as my tachometer now. I am 56 I ride once or twice a week ... more »

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I hope they include a smoke machine for a realistic clutch frying effect.

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It is very funny that Steve is a very big advocate of the neck brace, yet he doesn't wear one himself. Always says " I probably should start wearing one". Seems a little disingenuous to me. Hey I guess we are all selling something

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I would agree on that for certain. He needs to grow up mentally, he has the speed to win. He just needs to stop pissing around with the other guys and focus on staying upright every weekend.

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Thats right!!! Trust the science

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I have Forkner for the championship. I think he is the fastest guy in the class. His problem is staying healthy and upright. But that is an issue for more than a few of these lads. I think Nichols will be a contender for the #1 plate as well. He is fast ... more »

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Why do you "gotta keep Craig" ? I'll get hate for this but Christian Craig has 3 total wins in his entire pro career. The guy crashes way too much for someone of his ability, age, experience. Yeah he looks fast, has great style, but ...................................... ... more »

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Webb wins half of the Nationals and wins the championship

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If it has wheels and an engine I follow it, NASCAR excluded. MotoGp, WSBK, BSB, Isle of man and all the British road races I can watch. Trials, Flat Track, MXGP, MotoAmerica, IMSA, F1, Sprint Cars, Tractor Pulling but only the big Diesels or the Alcohol ... more »