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AC9 is never going to win a 450 title, might as well go for the big money.

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He’s a man racing boys………..

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Craig had already made the pass………..Vince needs to turn his brain on when he rides. He is lucky Craig didn’t get hurt worse. Yamaha probably has a hit out on Vince now. Does Moto need a targeting rule like the NFL? If so, Vince would be suspended every ... more »

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Wow, you need to recalibrate your meds.

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Moto media is inherently lazy. They find the low hanging fruit and beat it to death until it is no longer edible. Then they throw it away and find a new victim. Ken is low hanging fruit. Jett is the next person they will use up and toss away. Jett is ... more »

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If he had him covered he would have won. He was quicker in some areas but was slower in others. He did his best to take Moissan out after the whoops but fell himself. Better luck next time.

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We have 11 transits that get the crap beat out of them. A few near 500,000 miles and really we have had no issues with any of them. Driveshafts were an issue early but nothing now. I may buy one of our old ones when we retire them. Good luck finding ... more »

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I appreciate your honesty and it is refreshing to hear you are willing to take criticism in a positive light. Not many people will do that anymore. I think that you can be an acquired taste, you will never appeal to every listener. I am not a fan of ... more »

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I just bought a 200rr. I was going back and forth between an Xtrainer and a 200rr. I called a few dealers in my area and asked about both bikes. I got the same answer from both, buy the 200. I asked why and one guy said the Xtrainer is really a beginner ... more »

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Thanks for the tips. I bought a spark arrestor and hand guards, the bar bend feels pretty good so far. I will order some radiator guards, and folding levers. The tires are Michelin's so they are not terrible So far I like the bike, it is snappy but has ... more »

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Made me laugh, but I just didn't really need to know that.

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Good tip, I rode sport bikes for many years and many track miles. Almost never used the rear brake, it has been a strange transition using the rear brake. I have a little bit of a learning curve on this one.

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I understand that the more content Steve puts out there the more potential $$$ there is to collect. But I have tried to listen to the Wrap up Show and I just cannot get through one. Not sure why Pulp thinks we need someone to explain the original show ... more »

Started new thread Spoke with my wallet 9/20/2021 7:19 AM

Got myself a new dirt bike. First one in 35 years, last dirt bike I rode was a 1972 Ossa pioneer. 2021 Beta 200rr, so far it's a fun little bike. Enough power for me to learn and improve my skills and have fun on the trails. I could use some good off

... more »

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My frames are quite small, bows are just Ti Wire. I have looked into getting prescription goggles but with progressive lens they get pretty spendy.

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I am looking for a mid priced helmet that works well for a person that wears glasses. I would love to hear your opinions.

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We could have all that if NBC/MavTV thought it would make them more money, But we are a small niche sport, so we will get nothing and be happy, until there is a payoff to add more of this stuff. NBC/MavTV enjoy puff pieces and overhyped drama in lieu ... more »

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There is nothing like watching a couple of Nitro cars making a full pass. It is violence in action. Even in the stands your vision is blurry, the vibrations go right through your body. It is really an experience.

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I honestly don’t see Adam ever winning a 450 title. I am a fan and he is as fast or faster than anyone out there right now, for a lap or two. He has never shown that he has the ability to stay on the bike for very long. It took him a long time to win ... more »

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Mladin, always working an angle. He was a fierce competitor and a great rider. Pretty funny story if true !!