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I am of the same thought process on this one. You don't fire the players for bad results, you fire the coach. He is the guy that sets the tone for the whole Team. Maybe it's not JBone that really sets the tone, it may be Coy Gibbs, I have no knowledge ... more »

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Prayers to his Family and friends, always a sad day when you lose someone you love. Godspeed

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Industry Seating Jason Thomas great podcast if you are a JT fan

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Well there are no "Works" bikes anymore. So nothing to steal there. Everything is on Instagram anyway so what is there to steal. The biggest reason is Aldon Baker proved that a high tide lifts all boats. You put great riders together they just get stronger ... more »

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Never going to happen, who is going to do it? Hell Marv took out Eli 2 years ago and Tomac has never retaliated. Maybe Webb.............. but even then I am not so sure. Barcia will take him out just on principle to welcome him to the big boy show.

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2nd verse same as the 1st. I think his results will mirror, Webb, Plessinger, Barcia, Tickle.....Maybe Star will be able to make a few changes to the bike to suit him better. I just don't see them being able to make the bike better than Factory Yamaha ... more »

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Broken ribs aint shit to TP. He has dislocated his spine.......Twice He is a super nice guy.

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If I were KTM I would sign him as soon as possible. The kid has speed, he does need some maturity for sure. I think the Bakers factory would be able to provide that. He has a chip for sure, but so did Webb. Baker did wonders for Webb.

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JGR They have had lots of time, talent and $$ to prove that they are a top tier team. They have never showed that in their results.

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I would say the utter lack of results is probably a good starting point.

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Mookie is fun to watch, he can be fast and has a great personality. But hiring him is like dating a girl just because she has big boobs but has bad personality. It sure is fun for awhile but then you realize there just isn't enough there to make you ... more »

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A Ray may need to learn how to weld. How many times can you loose a muffler before you figure out how to fix the problem? Is A Ray just a bad luck magnet or just too hard on equipment? Did he finish either moto today?

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I heard the same thing, I have a source, the guy from 5 posts up. Wow that was easy

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So I actually went on the tracks facebook page. Well low and behold they have a little pop up window that comes up so you can ask a question from a track rep. So I asked what did they plan on doing about Nick Kraeger? I was surprised that I even got ... more »

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The worst part about people fleeing CA is that they take their BS idea's with them and ruin another perfectly good state/city.

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Ryan is not as outgoing and gregarious as Ken. I liked Ken in the booth, he is a great personality and knows how to break things down and explain in a simple but concise manner.

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If I remember correctly they were designed and built by the guy that built Manitou suspension forks and frames. A local dealer carried them for a while. Cool bikes but they were $$$.

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Watch around corners, Ferrandis flows around the corner, Jmart bangs through the corner, buries the bike and loses a little speed. Both fast ways around but Dylan is smoother in certain corners and carries more speed out of the exit of the turn.

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I was very surprised. He is lucky he is finishing as well as he is. He is lucky guys are making mistakes in front of him. He looks like he is lost on the track