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The KTM GP rider Passed away after getting caught in an avalanche skiing with friends today. Very sad. RIP.

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Not sure how I feel about sx without whoops

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JT just said on pulp that Watson signed a letter of intent with hitachi ktm

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Was a great listen Erny that podcast. Loved the bit about him and that chick when he turned 18. That Troy Lee gear he wore back in the day still looks so great to this day.

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Listening to the swap Moto podcast from today, they spoke a bit about the Austrian groups factory editions. They said that Barcia has only been riding on private tracks and that no one is allowed to come and film or take photo's when barcia is there ... more »

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They dead

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Cade is trying to hard to be the pulpmx darling instead of A-ray. He is desperate to have the attention A-ray gets and it pisses me off. Crap co host.

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I'm pissed they are giving him a yz250. A few shows ago he said he would do it for a bike with an electric start. GET DARKSIDE A 450!!

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Keefer and Steve fucked poor darkside over with the yz250. Don't do it darkside. Make them get you a 450 or nothing.

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Why would any top American go there. Supercross is the worlds biggest series with the most eyes and money on it. And what is attractive about racing in russia and Asia on sub par tracks with half a line up of riders.

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I think his career went down the pan when he faded from 1st to outside the top ten in an sx LCQ race...

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I've seen a few people post about these clip in glasses for goggles. Hope this helps and is possibly an option for you.

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I really liked listening to gypsy on pulp this week, he is very well spoken and his views are spot on. I've listened to a lot of his shows and they are ok, I feel like he just licks his guests arse a bit much. The one he did with Brandon mays (bmayzee) ... more »

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Mathes said on the Moto 60 show about Coty schock not having a team next year because his was not coming back

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Ryno is a douche. Anyone telling people not to wear safety gear on a motocross bike is a penis. And anyone who goes off on a rant an hour after someone dies riding at glen helen deserves zero attention and should not be praised.

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I'm just glad we had some decent sound tracks in the past to listen to before rap came along and ruined all of the modern Mx videos.

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Jude Morris sadly passed away at Duns this morning racing the youth class. The racing today and the British championship tomorrow has subsequently been cancelled.

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Don't think they did, DV said he knew but steve would have to pay him to speak. And Mathes said he knew but "forgot" who it was, and then the subject was swiftly moved on...

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Listening to this weeks pulp with DV , the segment whilst Anton is on the phone they are talking about silly season. Now, the Osborne retiring rumour sounds like it's pretty legit, and they spoke about his replacement and DV and Mathes both hinted they ... more »

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If the bike was that bad, Max would not be riding it. If he thinks he could do better on another brand of bike. Go out and buy one and put your own thing together and prove you are worthy of a better bike. It worked for barcia and wilson.