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I thought one of the podcasts said Adam has already signed an extension with Kawasaki

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Same here. That arenacross was a blast. I think it was 2006 that I raced it. Went to the race 3 different years though.

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I will take a look this weekend. I used to have a set in my storage area.

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Respect to your competitors and stay humble when you have victories. Believe on yourself.

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It’s an open class with no restrictions except age.

Added reply in a thread Ever case it as bad as Kenny and not wreck? 7/5/2021 12:12 PM

On the race review podcast I thought they said #14 was hitting it from both the inside and outside.

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This is exactly why it was highly speculated that the leaked photos of the 2010 before it was released was actually a promotional move by Yamaha. I remember that picture taken of someone’s computer screen before we were shown the new bike.

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I’ll have to give it another try. I made it about 3 minutes in and struggled because of the sound quality.

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Not sure about the whole context of this exchange but the comments posted are pretty pathetic to say to someone who is in recovery.

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I can only imagine what Kawasaki would be finding in his locker.

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ACL,MCL,PCL and Miniscus. My doctor told me a broken femur might have been more painful but would have been less restrictive in my older years and healed faster. 5 years later back racing but knee still hurts everyday

Added reply in a thread Keefer’s knee guards vs knee brace test 4/30/2021 4:03 PM

My own personal experience with knee braces is I had a crash in 2013. Torn ACL, MCL, PCL and miniscus. This was while wearing custom fit prescription cti braces. I do still wear braces today but I definitely feel more mobile on the bike with knee pads. ... more »

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I don’t think arenacross deals with USADA regulations?

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Not a bad bike at all. I rode one this summer and feel I could be very competitive on it. Just really hard for me to give up what I currently race.

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A local dealer here in Michigan sold out of all dirt bikes except the 2 2018 Suzuki’s they still had on the floor.

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Just had the exact same thing happen on our 19 yz85. On ours the locating pin for the ring came out of the piston and allowed the ring to spin. Anyone here have any theories on what could cause the pin to come out? This had just over 11 hours on the ... more »

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Beautiful place. I was able to do a weekend camp here years ago and it was a great training track.

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Didnt they say Craig was going to star next season?

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A friend of mine that’s not into Moto at all posted this about a guy getting hit on bicycle. She didn’t have names posted just a look out for a red Chevy truck that fled the scene. Even more bummed now to hear it was a Moto brother.

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Havnt read the other comments but from my experience having owned both the gm has a better ride. Ford gets their extended length by extending behind the axle. Gm has a longer wheelbase so that smooths our the ride. I loved the 7.3 diesel in my ford but ... more »