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Anyone have news on Roczen’s foot injury? Didn’t look good in the last pic he had posted, but I’m hoping no news is good news. Anyone seen any updates after x-rays?

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When I think of money I think of cars. Same deal with me - if I hit the lottery, my first purchase is a place to put all the cars I'd buy. Sure I'd buy a nice big house and all the other stuff, but the biggest thrill would be the Ferraris, Porsches, ... more »

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It's good to have a wingman. Lorenzo admits he had "help."

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I wish he would have made the jump a couple years ago, but obviously everyone thought the open class Honda would get more help. Hope he has enough left in the tank to make a run at the title. Plus it gives me a reason to watch another series - I haven't ... more »

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Yup. The old dude is an asshole (even if he was stung by a wasp), but bikers are just asking for it when they ride in that manner.

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Especially with a big hole in the fairing...

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Won't spoil it for the people who won't watch til tomorrow, but that is the most intense race I can recall. Tuned in for MotoGP and a Moto3 race broke out. My heart was freaking POUNDING for most of the race. Final few laps were just unreal. I can't ... more »

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I can't believe I've never learned that in over 35 years of playing.

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Here's what gets me about military conspiracy theorists: the military is made up of ordinary American citizens. Your brother. Or your cousin. Or the kid next door. Or the kid down the street you grew up with. Moms, dads. Sons, daughters. If there were ... more »

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Yep, it looks like Lorenzo is a shell of his former self this season. This is the second race out of three that Rossi has won on tire decisions - the old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Glad to see Marquez didn't attempt to put blame on Rossi ... more »

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It's personal belief and faith that cause people to mistrust science, along with pure ignorance. This comment shows the ignorance aspect quite well. I was going to jump into this argument, but that quote sums it up. When someone's basis is the "theory" ... more »

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Last season was all over the place, but this season is shaping up well.

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Is it just coincidence that Lorenzo is not using the new chassis? I think it was clear when Rossi came back to Yamaha last year that the Yamaha was Lorenzo's bike. Sure, Rossi had his own settings and adjustments, but it was still a bike built for Lorenzo. ... more »

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When they took the contestant vote to see if they were sending one home this week or two next week, I knew Caleb was voting to send someone home - cause he knew it wouldn't be him. He killed it. Not sure if he has the looks/personality appeal to win ... more »

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My car was covered with yellow dust last week when my father-in-law stopped by. He asked me what was all over my car, and I told him it was pollen. He replied, "Oh, I thought it might be the chemtrails." My in-laws are ultrareligious nutjobs though and ... more »

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Great race. Incredible duel with Rossi and Marquez!

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The block that Mike put on RV after he got passed was beautiful. No panic at all. I was just as impressed with his last-to-12th run in the main as I was with his heat race win. I guess watching DM's run last year lit a fire under Mike's butt.

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Insanely awesome!

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"Stonehenge" and "Someone Like Me" are much better. Ylvis is like a funny version of Lonely Island.

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The red Vette looks really good - the black accents make its good features stand out. Some of the other colors I don't care for as much. Think the back end is its weak point. Agreed, its hard to match a Vette's performance in its price range. When I ... more »