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Agreed that Anderson has thrown in the towel at Husky. No doubt a change of scenery might do him well. Seemed to help Barcia.

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So Anderson's time has passed but Marvin can still podium and win?

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So AC and Sexton are not complete ?

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Muckoff Honda riders or Smart Top riders have anything lined for outdoors ?

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Big Mookie fan but when you only race half the season this will happen. I would look for him to be back at star next season sx only.

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Cleaning out the garage and have some small stuff for sale kx 450. Tag Black 51 tooth sprocket brand new. Brand new twin air filter in package. Brand New green side panels accerbis. Selling as a package to ship just once. Will see for 75. 00 plus shipping. ... more »

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Roczen looks like he has lost the edge. Call me crazy but like the way Marvin is riding. Will be cheering for AC and Sexton to pull this out.

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She needs to go. Brings nothing to the broadcast. But the powers that be try to get her more involved in the racing on the track. Imagine watching a NFL game and trying to get a human interest story while one team is driving down the field for a go ahead ... more »

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The podium interview with Mookie is the main reason I watch any sport. Someone happy and enjoying what they are doing in the moment. The crowd fed off his energy just like they do in the NFL or NBA. Wonder why Tiger Woods is still the most popular golfer ... more »

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Make it a 17 race championship. Treat it as Mx3 if you want to be a regional championship. Embarrassed to even see chicken shit like that from our sport.

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Matthes did say Bowers was looking to get back next year in arenacross as well.

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All I know was that Mookie on the podium was priceless. Not sure I have ever seen a guy get 3rd and be so dam happy. LOL.

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Can't say I was a huge fan but the guy had great style on the track. Good luck to him and his family going forward.

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Stank Dog does it on videos out in the open.

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If I'm paying 8-9k for something it will have what I want. No e start is the biggest reason I would not buy a Suzuki. Put one on it and yes I would own another one in a heartbeat.

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Good for Daniel but we will get twice the rambling of Will now.

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Maybe a fill in for HRC this summer when KR94 sits out again.

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I was in a local shop Saturday getting a tire put on. The guys were talking about them not getting any mx tires by the end of September. Not true how that might be.

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I would think Bloss and Tickle will be riding something this summer.

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Not really a fan of Copper but man hats off to him and his determination. Guys like Roczen, AC and Sexton need to dig deep if they are going to win the supercross championship.