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Stay for 2 more year. Let a couple 450 rides open up first.

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Hey it's racing it's not alway pretty, especially if your in it for a title. Was it a shitty move absolutely. Have I done that to make $25.00 more damn right I have. I would feel different if this was early in the race though. An hey at least he owned ... more »

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Still have that thor core gear set in the first photo. Might have to get another.

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Do you currently have a crank?

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MCR is a good shop, they know how to work with riders. They will know what you need better then anyone.

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Here's the questions you have to ask yourself to pick. Do you want a aluminum frame or steel frame which do you prefer. Another frame one I like is when sitting or standing on one which feels better for you gripping with your legs. And Would you like ... more »

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Also pretty cool to see mx-tech out here helping these guys out getting their bikes dialed in.

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I don't bitch about track design very often if ever. BUT who ever thought up of this one should be taken out back and beaten. I thought there would be some carnage but this was bad and easily could have been worse.

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How much. I might have a buyer for it if I don't take it.

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He looks smooth and in control for Barcia that is. Noticed a couple of moments through the main especially when Ken was behind them where the chassis of the suspension did something he wasn't expecting but even so overall for a first race on that bike ... more »

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Said the same!

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Miss the sound from these years before they started the sound limits.

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Always crank works in Tempe Arizona. Use to work there. We saw every type of failure daily and had to come up with fixes. If anyone has a fix to make it last between rebuilds it would be them. I'd give them a call.

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Love BJJ for training. it can be one low speed high intensity one day, low intensity low speed another and full on the next all while having a huge impact on your flexibility.

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Shorty ran the first "new" version of it some years back. Ran it it for a full year or 2 he did quite well on it to.

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What i alway wondered and should have asked him at the time when i had the chance was why did you take your hand off the throttle. Don't think that split second would have made much difference but you never know.

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Gen 1 aluminum frame if it is in as good of shape as the pictures look I'd start at 3,200.00. Expect 2700.00. BUT it is a gen 1 I honestly would only sell that if I needed the money. It's value if you can make it 100% stock again will only go up.

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Just wish they series came a bit farther east. Every round is at least 9 hrs or more from me. Would definatly go watch and race a few rounds.

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Dude was turning into a title threat on 250s. I'm sure he will do fine. 6-15th will be his high low. If he's having a really good day, cards fall his way a 4th or 5th can happen.