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Yeah they are faster this year and the tracks haven’t been good for him. He just hasn’t had the flow around them. Hang town, Glen Helen, Washougal, Southwick, Pala- They are tracks he can let rip on. 2020 is a write off and he’ll mail it in I reckon. ... more »

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Can’t take too much away from the 2 amateur track races, one being a full on mudder. There are going to be races where Zach runs 5-10 range and coughs up a heap of points. Eli is going to have to put a lot off 1-1 days on the board to get back into contention. ... more »

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Agreed, him and Weege do a fantastic job.

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I think we will see a few point swings so 11 points is not much. One tip over will send you back to 10th. Not going to Washougal impacts Tomac because that would have been a 1-1 day. He could win both the Red Buds.. not sure the other tracks tbh. If ... more »

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I mean I get it- he must be in a bad way. The hotter rounds were going to be a challenge but then the cooler rounds in the back half might have been ok? Wish he would of gave it a go for a few rounds to see how it shook out. But also he already has 2x ... more »

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Agreed - he won a race because Tomac backed it down to 30% and Webb/Roczen had issues. Calm down on the SLC hype. I like him and think he’ll be good- Might get an overall if the stars align.

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2012 Stew went out with broken wrist. He lost the first 4 moto’s to him. 2010 and 2012 Dunge racked up a lot of wins with very little competition. Haters gon hate

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Great list Mav, Crazy to think Tim Ferry 8th and Larry Ward ranked 9th combined career points.. Not riders you would think would be up that high but numbers don’t lie. They don’t get enough credit. Mike Larocco as well! I wonder if any rider would challenge ... more »

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When you are an Elite athlete you hire enough help to make it NOT a distraction. (If required). Sleep in separate rooms if needed. Trust me mate, he has it worked out. And yeah Eli will have a dominant season. I can see Webb fired up though and he’ll ... more »

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Crushed it.. thank you. #BogglesTheMind I just watched it in slow mo- Colt looked over and veered right. Can’t believe he did it.. obviously trying to shut down Chases momentum but it was too late.

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Please tell me you don’t ride on tracks with other people! Seriously watch the race again and be quiet. NOBODY tripled to inside??? Sexton literally tripled to the inside the lap before and almost blocked him- hence why Colt cross jumped across to try ... more »

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Thank you

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What about Ricky kept saying “he made a forced error” or don’t make a forced error... You don’t want to make an “UNFORCED” error Ricky! Far out.. He’s in a must situation don’t make a forced error.. My neck hurts from shaking my head smh

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110% If you’ve got the capability to set the pace and bunch the pack giving you a shot at a title/million dollar payday- yeah no question give it a go. I have never understood the butt hurt over it with some people.. this competitive environment is not ... more »

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Mitch Payton would be ok with it if he’s signed the rider for the following year already.. Life time points on a 250 should be the rule. Also I don’t think any 450 pros would take the opportunity to drop back down- they haven’t done so outdoors. (I’d ... more »

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That was really good ! Wish we had video of Barcias crash- looked like a big one.

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If Eli wins on Sunday he just needs to get 2nd next Wednesday to wrap it up a round early. He can win if he gets a start no problem.

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He got 7th at the opener.. But yeah it’s over. If he wins and gets a 2nd in next two rounds he’ll wrap the title before the finale.. which should be the goal hopefully. Webb will make that difficult no doubt

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Too many issues to comment on. A lot of mistakes on today’s broadcast that left me scratching my head.. RC rarely picks up on new or different jump combo’s riders are doing- Isn’t he suppose to analyse that stuff? Here is an example from previous race: ... more »