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I’m in disbelief that he kept his position. AMA happy to dock spots for going off track or jumping on Red Cross- but for an almost head on take out that could of ended another racers season- will just take points away… that’s cool I guess. SMH !

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Smith and Robertson to Star… seriously ? They must have some dirt on bobby regan wth !

Added a comment about video Jeremy Martin to ClubMX? Jordon Smith and Stilez Robertson to Join Star? Rumors on Star's 2023 Team! 5/6/2022 5:40 AM

No Jordan Smith almost won title in 2017, the year Osborne took out Savatgy in the second last corner.

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I’m from Aus and have no interest in watching Aus MX at all. I haven’t missed an AMA race for 20 years though… Not too sure what to make of this, it’s kinda sad that I’m probably not the only one.

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If I have to …

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It’s Oi Oi Oi

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He is where he belongs… getting smoked by The Jett all season long… Better buckle in Forky haha Also not very impressive and NO I don’t believe he’ll be a good 450 rider at this point.

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Get this thread to the Dumbgeon ASAP!

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Gutted for him..

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Forkner was all over the shop and macadoo is vulnerable for any minor mistake to snowball into catastrophe…

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Blair is great, Zach is great… Ricky still has work to do, he does seem to be a little better lately.

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The title of this contradicts what Mathes, Jake Weimer and RV were discussing on the pulp mx show a few weeks ago? (Weimer saying a current stock 250F is putting out the same HP as the bike he won a championship on 10 years ago) The bikes have definitely gotten “much” better since 2006 smh !

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Replace the whoops with tree logs and a mud pit at the end? Followed by a river crossing and a ring of fire..

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What will it take to have a 3-4 rider battle for 20 minutes with multiple passes?? Close racing and battles are so rare in this sport, at this level it is so spread out at times.. yep, I don’t have the answer. Track simplification maybe but then it becomes ... more »

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Reckless misjudgement yeah.. He had no business trying to block CC, that’s where the poor racing IQ is apparent. What was the point of trying to hold him off? (Unless VF has a bonus incentive for laps led, he may well have?) The smart play is to tuck ... more »

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That’s not really good enough. Weak as p!ss. No accountability taken on this from VF or the team. It’s obvious VF has a mental block when the gate drops and some form of action needs to be taken to address this. I don’t know what the solution is but ... more »

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And a Des nations win !

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FFS are you serious? Get outta here now!

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Go away