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Best looking set up I have seen in a very long time!

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He was not riding super cross the week before! He wanted to win it but didn’t work out probably for the same reasons the other 2 riders sucked? (Conditions much different and 5 weeks since last race) I think USA can win again with the right team and ... more »

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Almost 6 years ago wow ! I wouldn’t say it was dominant, he wouldn’t of won if Villo didn’t go down. I miss seeing Villo out there. Strange seeing Stewart riding around in 7th, I think he was injured.

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These guys get it. J-Mart needs to make some cash and has a shot at being a double champion in 2019. (Bonus Bonus!) ultimately this will lead to a better paying 450 ride in 2020. This is a business people, he’s not going to move up and lose thousands ... more »

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I saw the mud track with one line which Reed was fortunate enough to pull 3 hole shots.. what’s your point? DO NOT PUT ANY WEIGHT ON THOSE RESULTS, HE WILL NOT BE ON 3, 21, 25 level come Anaheim 1. See him with 15, 10, 27 group in the 5-10 range. Stamp ... more »

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Had the potential to be a great track and race. The rain didn’t help. Not much happened after each start- follow the leader. Gutted for Deano, hope that clutch failure didn’t cost him too much money.. (from losing the 2 race series)

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Wow.. hang on to ha !

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When I first read the facial injuries I thought something must have smashed through his goggle area (handlebar, footpeg?) If he was face down it must of just been the force that has broken his jaw etc- possibly got the helmet yanked upwards. In that ... more »

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James has blocked the industry- who cares

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The track is an absolute joke and they need to do something about it if they want to continue to bring over big names. I know the floor space isn’t much but FFS you could do better. The stupid tunnel that leads into the 1 line of whoops ? The whoops ... more »

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Yeah I think some people take the run in procedure a bit too far. I usually take it easy for about 30 minutes and then cool down. After that I’m over it and it’s time to let rip. I stress a bit about not doing it properly but I’ve never had any issues. ... more »

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Sorry to hear. RIP Dan and thoughts go out to the Villopoto family. Anyone who hasn’t seen “2 be continued” I recommend having a watch to see how passionate Dan was about Ryan’s success and the sport. RIP

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Time for a change. No need to criticise Ralph and Jeff, they’ve been at it many many years and it’s just time for a change. Daniel Blair does a great analysis and I hope he gets a shot, he deserves it.

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I understand how Ralph got the job now. His announcing and insight on this was fantastic! It’s not the same now and it might be because he has to go to Emig for all the colour analyst comments?? I shake my head at most of his commentary in races but ... more »

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That was awesome ! Still can’t believe this guy can’t get a decent ride !

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Yes it is. And it’s not our jobs to do it anyway. There are better people out there. I’m sick of shaking my head during each broadcast- it’s befoming a bit of a joke. Daniel Blair is great ! Jason Weigant and Daniel Blair would be good. They have had ... more »

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Tomac can beat AMA competition no problem...

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About time this thread showed up again. I think Ralph is doing his part, if he made 30 less mistakes a show it would be better. Jeff offers no insight, need someone like Jason Thomas i think

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No if your Joey Savatgy you just don’t wave him by. Tomac was passing no matter what. I think Savatgy threw the wave out so he could collect on some bonus money. (Take away any doubt that Tomac got by him). Savatgy is a business man $, this could be ... more »

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Yeah I’m happy for him but your all right about it could be going somewhere better.. who said it had to be 1 million dollars anyway?? Make it 50k and 50k to a charity. Then 900k to the privateer purse next year.