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Would have to crack a Fosters if that came in.. you little beauty !!!

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Yep dumb comment. Ricky made a plan to retire and he stuck to it. He could of finished off the 2007 season and won the title with ease (when JS7 blew his knee out) however he stuck to his plan and exited the series. Also I wouldn’t blame him if James ... more »

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Matthes is that you Bro lol

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Foxtel are Cnts what the fark ! I’ve watched it for the past 10 or so years why the hell would they stop now? GOT finished and no AMA motocross- I really don’t need Foxtel anymore by the looks of it. Also I have an issue with the Supercross this year- ... more »

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I’d like to see the sports journalists challenge these riders a bit more. Cooper Webb didn’t really answer any questions properly. When asked about his feelings on the start line saying Adam cracked and he didn’t... this didn’t make any sense?? What about when you cracked at the MXON with 5 minutes left in the moto Cooper and blew USA’s chance at the win?
If he’s ok with rubbing salt into Adams wound remind him of that and put him in his place- then ask the question again.
If he can’t answer questions properly the journalists need to pull him up on it. If Cooper wants to be a d—k that’s fine as long as it makes sense. His comments at the press conference were just stupid. However for some reason everyone is acting like he is a hero and loves all this “Trash Talk”..

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Top 5 speed? I doubt it. He should be stoked if he can score points in each moto. 15-18 motos I predict and that’s doing really well. This isn’t a knock on him, I know he is a solid rider and the best 250 Aussie at the moment on the circuit.. There are ... more »

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He wasn’t pushing.. did you watch the race? He was comfortable running the pace and had it under control until the mistake. Only he knows what happened but it definitely wasn’t a case of him pushing too hard and trying to go for the win.. maybe backing ... more »

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Bit too much positivity in this thread haha.. Nah but in all seriousness I agree with you all, Steve is a great guy and great for the privateer exposure. I really enjoy all his content.

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Probably needs to be cut the same cheque Savatgy got at monster cup right ?? Haha

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I heard he was close to coming back and then had another big crash. #StayTuned for 2022 125 race.. he ain’t interested at this point as per recent episode he put out.

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Covington and Hampshire not on list? Forkner and Jmart would of been title threats but they are out. Anyone of these guys could win a moto and then be out of the top 10 next moto. Class is stacked> Will be a great summer ! Ferrandis could be a double ... more »

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He did not crack under pressure.. he made a mistake! Cracking under pressure would be crashing whilst trying to get into 5th to win title. Riding like Savatgy did at Vegas 2 years ago was “Cracking”. Why cant idiots understand that? The most devastating ... more »

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That’s Gold Jerry haha

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Never leading.. Very lucky it happened on last lap and he still got decent points!

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Ok I just watched the press conference and my overall conclusion is that Cooper Webb cannot answer questions.. he either forgets what the question is or he misunderstood or he’s just an idiot. (Most likely the latter) 1. Asked what his approach was on ... more »

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Huh ?

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Record for most down votes ?

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I had Cooper down for a safe 5th as well. He rode really well ! I don’t agree AC cracked and he should not of said that. The question was “What were you thinking on the line?” Obviously the answer is to stay focused and ride smart- what he had done all ... more »

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He needed a sports psychiatrist.. every title from 2007-2011 should have been his easily. The years after Ricky should of been a cake walk but I just don’t think the focus was there maybe? SX only deal in 2009? -He had Chad Reed handled outdoors no problem. ... more »

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I didn’t have to look far to “face palm” today...