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Yeah absolutely right, anyone in his position will want to and try to race if allowed so it’s not about Macadoo- full respect to his effort. It’s the AMA that has to make the decision. There is a rule for making a mistake, going off track and gaining ... more »

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Ok here we go: RC just doesn’t provide a good analysis and I’m not sure why? For example- Leigh asked him during 250 heat 1 “What are the riders on the line looking at during this heat?” I can’t remember what his response was but you think he would of ... more »

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Congrats on the most down votes award, keep up the great work !

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I agree Eli, the tracks are junk and racing is getting boring

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Mitch don’t have to pay him not to race, he’ll send him to privateer island

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Your right.. there was a point in that race where 4 riders were right in front of him and he couldn’t make up time on them.. He also couldn’t pass Mookie in the heat which flustered him, letting Webb by which ultimately led to his gate pick being piss ... more »

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Tomac will be the benefactor if those 2 start playing games (he’ll need go on a run though)

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Yeah pretty much done if that’s how they’re making the tracks (so start dependant).. what a shht show, I don’t even want to watch it anymore

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RC has 48 SX wins- he should of gone for 50. Could of raced Part Time in 2008 and would of got a few as JS7 was out.. Obviously it didn’t matter to him, he stopped racing the nationals even when JS7 went out in 2007- that would of been one more title ... more »

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He was 8 seconds off lead in 5th with 13 minutes to go. I thought he could of marched forward but nope- nothing, actually lost time... Maybe it was just the track not allowing many options to make time- I doubt he would of found that jump line in the ... more »

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He was within the 4 second range of Roczen and couldn’t make up any time tonight.. If he gets around Barcia like he should of he would of been 3rd tonight.. Tracks are a bit of an issue- most are doing the same thing and all pretty basic. I think if ... more »

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lol yeah some of these guys will have low National numbers next year. Poor 450 guys putting in the work will miss out

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Everywhere. You’d think if you were able to do all the jumps you’d be up front but it’s a combination of everything. Being fit and aggressive every moment of the race, no rolling or coasting into a corner, gotta rail everything, scrub everything, close ... more »

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Getting around lappers is part of the game. Sometimes you go to the inside of them and all is ok, other times you bump them and then go outside and lose a position. I remember Marv losing a race because of Stewart getting lapped. I also remember Reed ... more »

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Absolutely- Forkner left him Zero room. There was no option for RJ to check up whatsoever! One of the dumbest moves I’ve seen in 30 years. Mitch needs to tell him to sort it out!

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I actually never knew (or thought about) what Star was either lol

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Meat pie and a can of coke

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You're12 months late on this post. He did enough during the year to warrant the hype. He will podium threat inside and out- there are still a few fast & consistent guys that have his measure so I think another learning/building year and then 2022 ... more »

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Seriously where is his 50cc state title result from 2006 !!!!! I need all the facts dammit !!!