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Whos got one? i recently got a call from a buddy asking if i wanted his for 100 bucks. Gladly swooped it up. Planning on building this little pile of junk up. Already have the 110 plastics, seat and tank to make it look like a ttr110. Anyone know of ... more »

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Weird. I won 6 races last night and didn’t touch anything but rider weight, joint brakes and advanced physics. Just depends how good you are. This game still sucks by the way.

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this movie put me to sleep every night for a solid two years. I blame the US hating the french on Rene Cartier.

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When I started going faster than my dad I think he kind of tripped out. He was pumped but he put me on the ground a lot lol one way to learn to really focus on yourself in a moto ha good times

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Yea hilarious man.

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This game is pretty bad. How does milestone release games with the same problems over and over again? Does anyone there listen to the feedback from people that actually play the game?? This game is a joke. Has to be one of the worst moto games ever made ... more »

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Idk. But traffic was very light on the Ortega highway this morning at 6am which is rare. Road is a parking lot on week days if you’re not on it before 5am. Our shop is still open and not closing till someone comes and shuts us down. But the trucks did ... more »

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the document my foreman shot me over says anyone who wilfully neglects to obey the lock down will get a thousand dollar fine, imprisonment or both. Also says non medical or food workers are part of that group and that includes plumbers, clothing stores, ... more »

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I've got a question and hopefully someone can answer it or it might have been already discussed. I'm in th inland empire but work in the OC and it just got put on lock down apparently. My foreman texted me saying the owner is keeping the shop open but ... more »

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Yup my good buddy is a wrench for an amateur kid and they had flights home yesterday. Man this sucks

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Ocotillo. Not because of the virus, but because it’s been raining for two days straight and it’s going to be killer out there. Can’t live in the trailer though have to get home Sunday for work Monday.

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You seem hurt, bro? Is everything okay? Wouldn’t want to be upset now you poor thing

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This guy is nowhere near Dyrdek or Pastrana. Just another annoying YouTube vlogger.

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Probably. It’s not like BK and Popeyes are any good

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BK lounge is owned by 3G who own Popeyes and tim hortons as well. They all seem to be doing pretty dam well

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You’re a fucking tool. If that’s how it works then why did Ken go to Honda? They didn’t win a dam thing before him for years. Or dungey to ktm? You can be a JGR hater that’s fine, but to imply they haven’t done shit is just idiotic. As far as suzuki, ... more »

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You’re working for the wrong construction company if you’re making 50k a year @ 60 hours a week.

Started new thread 2016 yz250f cycra rear end plastics 3/9/2020 5:40 PM

60 bucks. Prefer local pick up but I’ll ship if you cover it

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Added reply in a thread Lake Elsinore Motocross track closed for good? 3/9/2020 12:39 PM

Yea it’s reopening. Drove by it today to grab some tacos at tacos Elsinore and it doesn’t look bad. Hopefully the rain isn’t too bad this week

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Again, you typed that out and hit send lol insane.