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I'd hate to know how you feel about supercross where ktm has like 40% of the field

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Doesn't seem uncommon. I remember Anderson saying similar about the Dungey/Tomac title that he didn't want to "be that guy"

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It doesn't seem that uncommon for Webb to be meh in qualifying for the top guy. Qualifies 5th, 2nd in heat, 1st or 2nd around the first corner in the main and wins Glad his main finally went the way of his qualifying though and made the championship ... more »

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Besides Barcia, Webb does this more than any others

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Impact like that should really warrant a full check up, not a quick track side concussion check. Even without the questionable rule of him stopping the race

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Webb and Roczen seem like opposites, ken starts the season strong then fades, webb starts a little slow then gets better as it goes. Looks like no aggression or will to win from ken Hope Ken brings it for the outdoors..

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Bet he'll be at the first and last race, at least. Maybe a couple in between.

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Hopefully they have him show up for opening ceremonies at one of the early rounds next season so everyone can cheer for him one last time.

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Run into people all the time that basically follow MX events or series, just for practice days. Cheaper with way more riding time. Even when it's a structured each class gets a time on the track it's way better let alone the few that are anyone on the ... more »

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He looked great in his heat which was pretty stacked, last to 12th i think? Likely would have gone straight through if the same scenario happened in the other heat. I thought he looked a little different in the LCQ and main, likely just wanted to get ... more »

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I agree with your points but that seemed like "normal" Webb to me. Even when he won the championship last year he usually wasn't the fastest guy, and the announcers always make it seem like the end of the world when a riders sick, yet almost every single ... more »

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It's always going to depend on the riders. Great race but because the riders were so close. Last few have been boring and I basically gave up on it after last year, but the riders put on a show last night being so close in speed and where they started. ... more »

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Barcia being Barcia, 5th-10th riding like a dick. I didn't see it on the coverage though what did he do this time? Or to who, as it's pretty easy to guess what he did.

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It sounded muffled, which makes sense attaching a mic to a screaming bike, would have been way too loud otherwise. Trackside mics were fine.

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Read that as well. Obviously USA is usually going a further distance than most other teams, but have heard they go with about 5x the stuff and staff than any other team.

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Must have just been one of those awkward unlucky ones. To think two shattered femurs from that and what some other guys have walked away from is crazy.

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It's no secret they didn't want to pass Dungey when him and Eli were only a few points apart. Bagget looked like he could of at times, Musquin moved over and let him by. At Vegas Bagget and Anderson were there behind Dungey and wouldn't pass him when ... more »

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If Dungey lined up he probably would have gotten a top 5.

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What it reminds me of. Dungey almost always within the top 5 at the first corner and that was his race set. Webb has been doing exactly the same thing.

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Barcia definitely looked like a crash, looked like he was holding his arm/wrist and his shoulder/neck brace area was covered in dirt.