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Nice comparison
BUT it should be 250 vs 250

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I still remember the story written by Super Hunky in Dirt Bike about the future and how the rider goes to the facility where there is a giant turntable that spins and changes the terrain. He leaves there and finds an empty lot and unloads his electric ... more »

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Another thing that you need to think about is the balance front to rear. Too soft in the rear and the bike squats down and you get steered out of the rut to the outside. Too soft in the forks or too stiff in the rear you'll get pulled to the inside. ... more »

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It's just a matter of time until the truth comes out with PED usage in motocross. Just like U.S. Postal Service and Lance Armstrong. Currently testing is almost non-existent.

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You guys need to lay off the crack.

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Is that the bar Christian Craig was using because that bent like a wet noodle. The old Pro Taper was nearly indestructible.

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I use to run Chevron 2-cycle oil. Worked great and at the time was a pretty inexpensive plus you could get it at any Chevron station if you needed some. Havoline must have bought them out. You can still get the Havoline brand but it's not as good a price. ... more »

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Why do I have a bad feeling about how this is going to go.

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Yeah? Uh Huh. Try and see how those canines help you chomp through a raw leg of lamb.

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Hold on here. That's a legitimate issue. If he had medical insurance it may not have been enough to cover all the medical expenses, especially not the rehabilitation expenses but not having medical insurance at all is huge issue and now to threaten to ... more »

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damn, I've never seen such a great dirt bike riding sequence in my life.

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Should have docked him 1 position for going off the track.

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might as well throw in some Erythropoietin (EPO). Oh, and stay the hell away from Trenbolone.

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Yeah, they got something figured out all right.

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"Baker's program relies on heavy work load, but with ample rest. I think the shear amount of work doesn't fit some riders style, whether a physical or mental thing. Same as any other sport. " "If Bogle, or really anyone for that matter wanted training ... more »

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Great bike. There are lots of parts you can find on Ebay. The forks are really good. I ran an Ohlins shock with some cylinder porting and head work, SPES pipe (DEP now?). I think you can have Bill's pipes make you a cone pipe as well.

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You just knew that was going to end badly. Like a squirrel trying to cross 6 lanes of traffic.

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Spillway Park 1975

Glen Helen National 1996 ... more »
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What Jeff's videos show is just how good all the riders that are in the top 20 really are. He is very fast but still cannot keep up with even the riders between 15th and 20th.

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You don't understand how "doping" programs work do you. You're not going to catch anyone by testing them 1 or twice per year-- most likely at an event. Shit they didn't catch all of team US Postal Service until someone finally came forward. Same with ... more »