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Anybody else see Wageman go off the track on the start at approx 16th and then cut the inside to end the first corner in 3rd??

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Aged like milk

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Just finished my degree in mechanical engineering in May. Worked my whole last year of college as the chief of engineering for BlastPro Manufacturing, a small manufacturing company that specializes in shot blasters and floor scrapers. Did that full time ... more »

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The problem of using lap times is that you get into the realm of comfort-ability to a specific brand and that skews empirical data. I say this because I'm assuming you are referencing Jeff Walker's video where he posted one lap on all 6 bikes. Jeff Walker ... more »

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I feel sorry for a lot of people who can't step away from their parents and figure out who they really are. Not saying that JS or MA never did, or that it if they didn't that it wasn't the wrong move.... but do you think that maybe their careers may ... more »

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Since this wasn't posted yet... THQ Nordic acquires Milestone S.R.L.

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Already following you on IG cause I respect the fellow engineer/bike enthusiast grind. I'll shoot you a message on there as well later today. Definitely interested in linking up with some of the cooler cats in the area as I'll be a few thousand miles ... more »

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If an amateur rider exercised that rule and won a moto he would definitely not be dropping back down to ams again.

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Burying the buck and a quarter at the ripe old age of 15

... more »
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Yeah. definitely found out that rent is going to be the worst part of the whole situation this weekend when I met with Mark. Unfortunately, I'm going to be rocking my truck. But, it's a Chevy Colorado so it doesn't get terrible mileage. And it's paid ... more »

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There once was a track in Lawton, Oklahoma that ran from I believe the late 70s until about 2015. Red clay that was prepped for races 30 weekends a year for about 30 years. You toss a little water on, till it deep, and it stayed tacky and grippy all ... more »

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This is likely what I'm doing. I've already checked out 3 places within a 10 minute drive of my work that are around 1500 a month or less. The biggest thing I'm going to have to adjust to is privacy. Privacy seems to be a large premium here, where as ... more »

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*edit to withhold pay info* This was the advice I was looking for and I appreciate it. The guy I'm working for is Mark Rober who is already very established and is beginning to accrue a heavy enough schedule to demand someone to work with him full time ... more »

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When was the last time a non "factory" rider clinched the 250 ProSport title? That is a serious accomplishment! Congrats to Munoz and the people he has in his corner! Well earned!

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I appreciate it, guys! It's not my preferred place to live as I was planning on getting back into riding soon.... Likely I'll be living bare to the bone just to save up for my own place. But the opportunities this job will give me is unmatched.

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Hi everybody! So I accepted a job to work with a famous Youtuber as a project manager/personal assistant. I'm from Oklahoma where everything is cheap and I'll be moving to the Bay area here in the next month. I'm not going to be bringing my bike until ... more »

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Truth. Turns into slot car racing down the straightaways really quickly. They rip the track DEEP and they work different sections of the track between each moto so the dirt stays tacky and rutty all week long. They really do a damn good job getting 100 ... more »

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Shoulda posted here rather than starting a new thread....

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600 euros. 300 for kids 12 and under

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Nah bro. Just take your race number and plaster it all over in 500pt font and call it a gear company.