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Would love to build one of these

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Back before MXON07 @ Budds Creek the Harescramble guys got the good fortune of running the woods, dirt oval track, and the MX track. And of course you have MIR Dragstrip right next door. I believe some woods riding has returned there in recent years.

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The 2019 would be your safer bet. The plates are the same part# on the 18, except for one additional plate that doesn't show on the 2019 & 2020 parts diagram.

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Just a quick search of an OEM diagram, it looks like the plates and fibers are the same in at least '18-20 YZ250f. The only difference being that there is 1 friction plate that is not on the 2020 on the '18... ... more »

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This was always one of my favorites, recently got done this build:

I also always loved this look: ... more »
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I may have a couple laying around along with a lens or two. I keep my bike stuff at a different location but I'll try to remember to take a look. May not be until the weekend.

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I've been told "I have a headache" a lot....

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I called a local insurance broker. Ended up with Foremost for like $70/yr on my 14 YZ250.

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Had everything put on and setup, including grips but then as I was looking around I discovered that my bars weren't sitting flush. I've had the adapters for quite some time from a previous bike, but I'm fairly confident that the bolts are the original

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Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I'm running into a problem with my 94 YZ restore. I had a pair of '14 YZ250 pegs laying around so I cut the peg posts so that they will fit into the narrow 94 mount slot. However, I'm finding that 14 springs are

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Looks to be a 93-95. That is the 94/5 Factory Yamaha graphics kit I believe. I'm currently redoing a 94 250 and I will say that with this generation of bike, the parts are starting to get a little harder to find. Not much crosses over from 96-on stuff,

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I needed 2 small Tusk items fairly quick and decided to pay a dollar or two more on Ebay for them. The couple extra bucks spent on each item actually still ended up being less than I would have spent at RM with the $7 shipping fee. I believe I ordered ... more »

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My 2020 Santacruz Hightower

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Anyone make some axle blocks for a 94 YZ250? Or another model that will be compatible? Everything seems to be a 99 and up.

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On a budget, looking for a 36mm carb in decent condition. Open to a Keihin PJ or PWK as well as a Mikuni TMX.

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Not sure of your financial situation with this project, but I am in the process of restoring a 94 YZ that was not very well maintained by the previous owner. So I had a full Guts foam kit and a Ceet stock replica cover. I took it to a local upholstry ... more »

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Not a Yamaha, but I have a Syncrony card from a local bike shop for a Santa Cruz Hightower I picked up this summer. I used the site to setup Autopay. Maybe there are different portals for different vendors, but I think web services are available. I believe ... more »

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Bucket list bike

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As someone who is currently "mid" way through a refurbish on a 94, this is always a good thing to see! Please restore this beauty. Mine has been slow going just because of funds and schedule but I can't wait to get it up and running. I plan on doing ... more »

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I know I don't post here a lot, but like others have stated...not having insurance is pretty crazy. When I read the update on another site yesterday, I was blown away with that sentence. I obviously don't know his situation and hate to see anyone hurt ... more »