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I can’t believe that renthal has not came out with lock on grips. If we are talking about grips

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Looks good

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When I am trying new jumps and am not sure, 99% of the time I over shoot. Land rear wheel first on the gas.

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2017 was the last one for me.

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I am not one to buy used bikes. But come on people what are you guys do with your new bikes when they have 40+ hrs on them? do you just chuck them in the dump? We should be encouraging guys like Michael_stanley to buy our used bikes so we can keep buying ... more »

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2010 ktm450sx

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Cut your toe nails. Your socks will last longer

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Is MRC not tied to FIM?

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My question is how do you notice broken spokes. I had 2 broken for 3-4 rides. Did not notice until I washed my bike.

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And it also splits welds. So make sure you have a welder on hand and you fab skills are up to par.

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I would clean him out next round, pay the 5000$ to ama. Purely on principle.

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Just 5 min north of the border, we get a average of 25 feet. This season was 60 plus feet. I will be trail riding up high by mid July if I am lucky.

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If it is a Suzuki

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Ogio 9800. I got one about 2005. Zipper pull tab broke off , not the zipper but the part you hold onto. I sent them a picture, boom 2 days later I get home from work and there is a new bag sitting at my door. It is the last gear bag you will ever buy. ... more »

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I am not wasting a Saturday driving 2 hr round trip to dealer. The only time I have to shop is at night , I can sit on the couch after kids are sleeping. Another thing is “setting my budget” you ever walk around a dealer throwing parts and stuff in a ... more »

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Step 7: spray shit out of it with sc1, wipe down, blow off with air so it gets everywhere the rag won’t . Lube chain.

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Yes. I always hit mine with wire brush and lube between motos. Pressure was it at end of the day and cover with wd before storage

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As soon as the revs go up, I black out and come too 3 corners in

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Wild rose mx park.