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I had similar issue on a 17 Fc450 and it turned out to be the starter relay. It was a pain to diagnose.

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Will they fit a 17 FC450? Does the subframe make a difference?

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Thanks. I definitely think it’s battery. It only seems to have problem when the bike is warm. Going to throw charger on this week and see if next ride is any better. Anybody know if the ktm kit fits the Husqvarna subframe? I thought they where a little ... more »

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Thanks for the response. I finally had some time last night and did find some corrosion on the connector from the start button to the wiring harness behind the numbe plate. Not sure if this is it or not. The part that I still find puzzleing is he bike ... more »

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Looking for some advice on troubleshooting a starting issue on my 2017 FC450. Occasionally (typically when I am out riding and the bike is warm) the bike just cranks and doesn’t start. I have notice that when it does start, the moment you hit the start ... more »

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