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I enjoyed meeting you briefly at Swan on Saturday, you started next to my son in one of your motos and we talked about the Tubliss sys. My son was blown away that you beat him off the start on the 125. Will be rooting for you in your national attempts ... more »

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California Arizona New Mexico Nevada Washington Idaho Oregon Montana Texas Oklahoma Louisiana and Minnesota. Favorite tracks were Barona Oaks, Glen Helen, Horn Rapids, Washougal, Lake Whitney, Cycle Ranch, Swan, and Spring Creek. Most memorable track ... more »

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My son and I ride year around, in the summer we get to the tracks at 8 or 9 and try to be done by 1. But on race days were there regardless lots of water and a big fan. We would rather ride at 100 degrees then 35 but that’s just us. 2 years ago we road ... more »

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Best day of my Moto life was when I moved to north Texas, within 4 hours counting the Houston area best tracks I have rode in 30 years of Moto. If only Whitney and Mosier were still open this is imho the best in the USA...

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Sitting here right now 2 weeks after being discharged from hospital. 5 broken ribs, collapsed lung, broken collar bone. A week after the initial carnage listed above my son found me passed out and unresponsive, he called 911 was taken to hospital had ... more »

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On my bike I went out or softer 1/2 turn on hi speed shock compression to 2 turns out and slowed down or turned in shock rebound to 8 to 9 clicks out. This I think I read somewhere is do to stiffening of the initial stroke due to the link. I run lo speed ... more »

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Godspeed Scotty Sixo... Prayers for the family...

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Godspeed Mr Miller, when they said no national for Texas he built a damn track in his pasture and brought one here!!! Was a great guy he would pull into just about everyone’s pit at races at Frestone just to talk or to hand out hats or stickers... He ... more »

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Another vote for North Texas. 15 tracks within a two hour drive everything from soft sand to hard pack, clay to loam. No state income tax, affordable housing, can just about ride year around, you will encounter a few rain outs. Was part of the reason ... more »

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Congrats JB10 really enjoyed the race!!! Seems like great guy too, awesome!!!

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I personally think that the 22 triple clamps along with the pro circuit link made the biggest difference with the turning characteristics, in addition to that i have correct spring rates for my weight, forks are 5 mm up in clamps and i am running 103mm ... more »

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I have 2016 YZ450f and I hated the way it turned and handled stock. For me it took P.C. link, 22 triple clamps from a 2014 and DRD engine relocation kit, each piece helped a bit but all of them together turned it into a pretty damn good weapon... good ... more »

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Cool thread... I was a basketball player growing up, in 4th grade the coach gave me #31, I played with that number from then thru my college playing days. When I started racing I put 31 on my bike until 1995 when the sanctioning body I was racing with ... more »

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Hey rpm 68 I was screaming my head off everytime you aired out that big hit on the 96 CR250 at Swan this weekend, I am also the guy that talked to you at the Valero station on the way out of the event... Like I told you then really enjoyed watching you ... more »

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Core mx performance in Little Elm. Greg there used to work for merge racing and I have never heard anything but positive remarks about him. Google Core mx performance...Also Piper performance in Boyd has always done me right..

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Didn't know him but had seen him at practice a few weeks back, I also thought his bike was very clean... R.I.P. brother, prayers for the family...

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Had a great weekend of riding in North Texas... Underground MX on Sat and Johnsonville MX on Sun, with the rain we have had both tracks were epic... MX may be dying off some but there is still a pulse here in Texas...

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Moved here in 2004 from Arizona also, was fortunate enough to ride Mosier, Mcafees, The Pit, Nocona, Skull Creek, Athens, Willow Branch and several others that have closed down here. What is amazing here is everytime a track closes it seems like a new ... more »