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So he was in the real world and realized racing his dirt bike for a living was a better option. Gee didn't see that one coming.

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350 is the way to go guys. It's the perfect balance for a vet.

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Yeah that's how my son does it is with the Motorsports app. Seems to work pretty good.

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AOMC customer service sucks if you ask me. Rocky Mountains, Motorsport, Munn and recently I used a place out of Arizona don't remember what it was called they had what I needed and get it to me quick.

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I think one of the best things you can do for just a small home track is let it be a grass track. Build it let the grass grow then mow it. You have less dust and you get less erosion. The best home track I ever rode was like this and it needed no maintenance ... more »

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110 and if he really gets into it then a 65 later. you'll end up needing a pitbike anyway

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I believe that is my picture you

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I don't do the XC stuff but there are plenty of places around Tulsa. Several of the moto tracks have put in trails if they have room.

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I am within a year of my boy moving up to a 125. I keep telling him I can't wait because when he gets a 125 I also get a 125. He says no you can't ride my bike. I say ok well you can buy it yourself then and since you are buying your own I'll just sell ... more »

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Honda finally called back only 2 weeks later than they were supposed to. They said well we know there are problems with them but we aren't doing anything about it. I'm just shocked not really I knew they wouldn't stand behind their product. None of the ... more »

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Pulp Fantasy has ruined my life. I hate motorcycles every Saturday, I blame Marx.

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How do you fix an Astars boot? You go buy a pair of Sidis and stop wasting money on Astars, that's how.

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We have an 18 and a 20. We just yard race with no jumps and use them as pitbikes. We haven't done springs because we didn't want them to be real rough went heavier oil and have played with height. Shifters of course and shift shaft braces. Mine has a ... more »

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I agree what liberal douchebags would down vote this?

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I was just quoted 7999 on a new KTM. OTD price retail plus fees. I don't live in communist California though.

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Rower or skier. I have the skier and I love it. Down about 20 pounds this year. Put it out in the hot garage and just suffer through it.

Started new thread 110 gas cap 8/27/2021 3:53 PM

So 2020 CRF110 not a lot of time on it. Go to put fuel in and the cap just spins. It's a 2 piece cap and it's a clicker style so you can't over tighten it. Look it up and known issue just a piece of crap design. Call the dealer and nope, no recall Honda ... more »

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He also uses the Garmin motorsports app for it works just fine.

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Yeah it works pretty good. He just clicks it before going out off the side of the track and it catches it. Gets a little wonky sometimes if he starts it in a spot where the lanes are too close. That's usually more just at the house riding pitbikes. He ... more »

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I've got the one that was after the GTs that were just a showtime bike. They were lower end it was my wife's she used in college. I'd sell if anybody wants it.