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At 52, I will not go back to a non e start. However, having both e and kick start on my KTM is the way to go. Having the kickstart has been a ride saver when I forget to out the bike on the battery tender.

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I also have Hulu but pay for peacock.

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I just use a cheap Seiko waterproof watch. $10 or so strapped to the handlebar pad. Haven’t even changed the battery in 2 yrs. Also have a Garmin Fenix 4 (I think) that does GPS and laps and stuff. Got that on since it was a couple gens ... more »

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Probably more runoff into the reservoir from the nearby quarry than from the track. Loved that track. Raced a few amateur days there during Nationals.
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I agree with following the MDs advice with post surgery recovery. A lot of people start feeling better and then short cut the physical therapy. And also remember that technology is progressing a lot with imaging / computer navigation guidance during ... more »

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I’ve never had spinal surgery but I am in on them in the OR almost every day. The best advice I can give you is to do your research on a neurosurgeon. Do not go to an orthopedic surgeon that does spines, go to an actual neurosurgeon. Get as much info ... more »

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If only you could get local tracks to stop with all the freaking ruts now too.

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Jbulz how did you even type that out? I can’t even read it without laughing so hard I’m crying! Pure gold! You win Vital today!

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Andrew Delong, GNCC pro, blowing by me at Pagoda MC about every 4-5 laps during members only ride day.

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We just got a Schwinn IC4 which is the same as the Bowflex C4. Can use it with the $13 peleton app and zwift or just as a non smart spin bike. Can find them in stock at Dicks Sports too so you don’t have to wait. I prefer riding outside but I’m not going ... more »

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My parents never took me to the track. They were totally against it. Learned from my neighbor that did trials, he still does trials both modern and vintage and wins to this day at 70. I didn’t go to a track till I was 18 and had my own truck. I think ... more »

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Holy crap what a bunch of whiners! Go back and watch some of the races from the 80s and see some passes. Maybe google Bradshaw and Chicken. So it was a little dirty, he’s got one coming to him and that’s the way it goes.

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Worked fine for me last night on a fire stick. Watched it live till just before the mains when I went to bed. Worked fine on my iPhone today with shitty work WiFi to watch the 250 main and worked fine at home on the fire stick to watch the 450 main.

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Coty Shock. Seems like a good kid and he raced at our club, Pagoda MX. Back in the 90s it was Steve Herman because we practiced at the same track.

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I used Factory Connection on my last bike, partially because they were only a mile from my house. Was happy with it. My new to me bike has suspension already set up for my weight and riding by Solid Performance and it works great.

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I use one of my kids old dressers and some spare wire shelves I had lying around. Also check out local cabinet shops getting rid of old stock, demo stuff or blems.

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His dad John Tomac had a line of bikes back in the 90s- 2000s. He named a model after his son, Eli. They stopped making Tomac bikes a few years ago.

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When I went to my first race in the late 80’s they gave me my birth year and fist initial, 69J . Hated that so switched to a three digit the next year 269. No real reason for the 2. When I started racing a few years ago in cross county / hare ... more »