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Personally, I'm not a believer in tearing into a four stroke. Valves are one thing, but I think it's just a little bit unnerving for me to do a pre-emptive maintenance rebuild, especially with hours as low as 50. Besides, it's a Yamaha... I have a good

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Started new thread YZ250 bar bend: What's you pick? 4/9/2015 8:38 AM

I've never liked the stock YZ bend, going to replace with some Renthal twinwalls. The bike feels like it wants to go straight, and I think bars could help. Typically, I've run 996's with good results, but never on a YZ250. I tried the 997's on a '15 ... more »

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Well not really... I just needed a catchy title. I just bought a new leftover 2014 YZ250 2 smoker for $2,150 off the 2015 sticker (i.e. under $5K). The differences in plastic and BNG makes the savings WELL worth it. My question is: Do I need to buy the ... more »

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I have the same exact model at my machine shop, bought from Northern tool. I would consider bathing the entire stripped card in carb cleaner for awhile, scrub with a toothbrush, and then put it in the parts cleaner with a mild dish soap. Works wonder ... more »

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Hey guys, So my '04 RM250 has been a bit funky lately. It's well jetted and typically crisp, but the other night it was cutting out on me during the Wednesday night Perris session. It would bog at random times and random spots of the powerband, and very ... more »

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I agree. The AMA needs to be a separate entity from the FIM, and I've thought this well before the Stewart incident. Keeping the Free People away from the European political mess was the whole reason the United States was founded 238 years ago.

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Another HUGE shoutout for Split Designs. They're top notch in design and service, not to mention the material they use is by FAR the best out there. I have a buddy who has had one of their kits on his bike for 2 1/2 years now with almost no wear through. ... more »

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Anybody out in Wine Country want to let me ride with them after next rain? I know where most of this is, just don't have a place to park without being cited lol

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RC's '05 SX

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Got's me an 04. It's a lifer for me, never getting rid of

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This setup has 10 comments.

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The thing is, Jake hasn't delivered any results for a team that obviously has top tier equipment. I'm surprised Kawasaki kept him around so long. He always is bringing out the negatives and making excuses. My riding buddies and I have a saying, "Don't ... more »

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I’m looking to sell my just recently rebuilt Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki replica 2002 KX125. I bought it from the original owner two months ago, with about 40 hours on the original, unopened motor. It was in excellent shape when I got it, original tires,

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Started new thread 2004 RM250 Oversized Rotor Guard 11/10/2014 11:14 AM

Does anybody have a line on an oversize rotor guard for a 270mm front rotor on an 04 RM250? I know there's a few out there, but unsure if they work for oversize. I'd like to veer away from aluminum, I prefer composites for rotor guards. If anybody knows ... more »

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Cahuilla Creek, by a long shot. Although, I will be heading to Zaca this December. I imagine it will be tough to pick a favorite.

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Dying to see this project finished! I had a 2008 CRF250 with RG3 Diamond A kit for the '08 and '09 seasons. I loved that bike so much, handled so well and was so well suspended. Ended up selling it to get back on a 2 stroke, but missed the handling of ... more »

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Man, SO cool!

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Thought it was time to post this. 2003 CR125 I built last year and ended up selling to build my 250 2 stroke. Turned out

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This was an 03 I built last year and ended up selling to buy my RM250. It was a good bike, but painfully slow motor, even with reeds and a PC pipe/silencer. They really need some porting to be competitive, but they are stone cold reliable, and that's

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That was one of my concerns. My Showas are set up very well, and I'm sure I could get the Kayabas working OK with some valving and spring rates, but I'm more concerned about a chassis feel.