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For one day if I could pick the day, JS. For the career and the whole package, MC. Without the injury related end or damper to their careers I might have said Hannah or RJ.

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Just like James, Herlings had his time as FMOTP. Also just like James, it didn’t result in nearly the amount of titles it should have. Sad thing is, after a decade the ‘speed’ part starts to fade from memory but the record books don’t fade and they include ... more »

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WTF, last three laps let’s not watch a battle, let’s just watch a guy cruise around our front by himself. Jeeezus

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Same here🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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YouTube didn’t have the commercials either. I want that service. I paid for Mav and it was a joke with all the f’ing commercials in the middle of good racing. Something needs to be done. They won’t miss my 5$ but they won’t get it either. If not fixed ... more »

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Other than being a hair rich in the middle, I’m surprised how good that thing sounds. And how quickly it revs too. Usually those ultra big bores seem lazy.

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I raced a 406 in some hare scrambles and even the unadilla 500 National. I remember loving the bike. The suspension to me was great, the handling pretty good. The power was nice but pretty mellow against a gate of full 500’s
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It's click bait noting more nothing less. Lame!

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Ride like Hanny with the heart and race craft of RC

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I’ve known quite a few people who chose to end their trip here but never read a goodbye letter like the one you left Scottie. I’m sorry you couldn’t find a solution. It sounds like aside from the pain that you were ok. It makes us all sad that you’re ... more »

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At least with the eMTB you can pedal after the battery dies, it’s still gotta suck though.

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What happens when you’re riding a Varg or such bike out in the willywacks and you run out of ‘gas’? Right now, we find the guy with the most fuel and transfer some into the empty tank. Will an Electric bike what would you do?

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It really makes you wonder what the politics are that keep guys like DB or Weege from getting the key announcing spots. It’s dirt bike racing for Christ's sake, get guys who are passionate about it to do the job.

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I’m not sure if I herd it hear first or third

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I used to Vaseline up before hare scrambles or enduro and use pedaling shorts. But this stuff has been a game changer. No more monkey butt. And it’s even hard to wash off in the shower after a good long ride. Good stuff

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His friends stopping over and having to check if the rattlesnake was in his cage, that was freaking hilarious!

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Whatever you think of Vince, Bam, and JA, it sure makes for some interesting racing. Would I want to pass any of them? Not a chance. But watching on my TV a thousand miles away, it sure is entertaining

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I saw that in the magazine, really cool looking product and congrats on getting into MXA!

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In the 80’s here in New England a shop called Cycle Design fielded a dominating team of riders on RM 125’s. The shop would have Al Doane build package racers for each rider, and the bikes were the ones to be on if you wanted to win. Riders were Jojo ... more »