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With the pro perch, just dump the oil because you could now run less oil in the fork

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Worth every penny. Don’t think about it, just buy them.

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His insight and data was very informative on the forum to the experienced and the newbies wanting to learn about the engines and shortcoming of bikes and what helped wake the bikes up. You don’t have to like the person to respect their knowledge.

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11 Ezra Lusk 2004 39 Chris Gosselaar 2003 23 Jake Canada 2013 60 Broc Hepler 2004 105 Ryan Hughes? 2005 28 Heath Voss 2003 Rad Shroud Tommy Hahn 2007 75 Josh Hill Only 42 that came to mind was Boniface in 2004 on that rmz

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The modern day PIR event has nothing on this event in terms of what talent came out to compete. You’d see Yamaha of Troy, Motoworld Suzuki, Factory KTM, Factory Husky, Motosport Honda etc etc. Both Alessi’s and Millsaps showed up in 2005. Then add in ... more »

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Do moto after moto with your clutch perch straight up and down So the only time you can pull it in is to put it in gear at the beginning. It’ll force you to be in the correct gear and roll through turns with more momentum and be smoother on the throttle ... more »

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Cool to see some of these people back at their roots! Jamie Little a year or so ago and now Todd Harris. Makes me feel like it’s 2004 again. Now if only we could see a 259 kx125 out there to tie it all together

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I’ll take the frame guards. 607-743-2240. Just text me your PayPal info. Thanks.

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No Preston Kilroy for 2021? He showed flashes in outdoors.

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JB’s work is top notch. The forks will feel like butter

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Interesting take for sure. Have I qualified for a national? Nope. But I did earn my pro card so I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as a complete “squid”. So with that said, he blatantly cross jumped me a few years back at the Unadilla am track because ... more »

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I have one. Text me. 607-743-2two4zero. $250 plus shipping. Came off a 13 crf250r.

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That squish is fine.

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TLR in Florida builds some amazing engines too. He’s worth looking into. I paid in advance for some imported items that he ordered as well as the top end work and he was very easy to get responses from every step of the way. That includes before, during, ... more »

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Long story short, police academy doesn’t allow social media until it’s over, which is where I usually get my inspirations from. Post up what you have! Need some inspiration for my new ktm 2 smoke.

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I’ve used both the Harris and cylinder works (when I was in a time crunch) top end gasket kits with good results. Not sure what your problem could be if nothing is warped or torqued properly.

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Looking specifically for an HGS pipe and silencer for a 19-20 KTM 250sx. Under their website, they list Bud Racing as the U.S. supplier. On Bud’s website they only list the Bud pipe (which is on backorder) and not a regular HGS. Is there anyone else ... more »

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Came off of a street legal 2019 KTM 250sx with 2 hours on it. Will work with many KTM’s but is up to you to verify for your own bike prior to purchase. -Headlight Assembly (directly fits 19-20 KTM front fender) -Taillight Assembly -Hi/Low Beam/Off switch

... more »

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He’s one of my good buddies. He’s part of my pit crew at dilla National every year