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Watched entire race. Gas stop cost Stew time . Both Baylor brothers finished well at 2-4 for 450 class Ninja pass by KR1 in last 3 corners for O/A.

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All above supporting litigation means contrite to the known dangers of the sport. Let the users beware and proud.

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I would suggest the industry organizers create a survey of AMA nat #1 through AMA nat #500 to gain input on this topic.

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Agreed. IMO legend is top 5 combined SX/MX wins. Tomac is tied now at 6th place and should be stand alone #5 by season conclusion including combined 2020 SX/MX season wins at 73 or greater.

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Second that and add 1976 LZ Presence CD. For your life and Nobody's fault but mine for racing.

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Can you send me photos of Norstar and Scott boots. Plus box label for Norstar. Thanks-219-276-2176

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Just as a comment your bike could move quicker on "the penton owner group" website and there is a POG facebook site. Dale Fischer and/or Brian Kirby can get you set up.

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You young guys are very very intelligent and I am amazed at the knowledge. within this topic. There is not enough positive feedback in this vital forum IMO and I compliment all of you in this technical information provided. No I am not sucking ass as ... more »

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Hoping to see the last year Maico 125.

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Track location with zip code as I could have interest. I am retired.

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Wow- I used to go to Aero-PA 45 years ago in McHenry area. Nicest off-road shop in the Midwest. Do you have an XL Penton jersey available? 219-276-2176 Mark

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You are da data badass. Thanks. Kudos to Barnett Late win

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When I look at the Lewis and Clark map my Grandad gave me it appears the stadium is on the east side by the old Pop's facility. Just sayin.

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I will add my 2 cents .Don't buy anything less than 1 HP and must have long shafts. I have polished bike items for 12 years for myself only. I purchased a new White Dog 1 HP. 8 inch wheels. 2.5 years ago. Perfect for my personal use. Part no. CHIG 1745- ... more »

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Great assessment sir. Appreciate the information. I lived in Hebron IN for 54 years before relocating. Are you still on Hohman Ave in Hammond IN?

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Thanks for the Neary first hand knowledge. Interesting- unknown to me. It was a good time back then for 2-3-4 wheelers. John Neary actually bought 1-2 of the ATV news I mentioned above. Small world.

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I live about 35 miles north of Marietta GA, 3 miles from I-75 If a vital member purchases this fabulous KR bike and needs short term help I can offer assistance. I can pick up, load and transport bike from Marietta GA to my residence for $125 with a ... more »

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Mr Lojak as well.

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John Penton

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Thank you for this incredible history information and photos. Appreciate it sir.