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Man o man, ABC's wild world of sports, ESPN 2, speed.....hard to remember all of the changes over the years. Someone should put a list together.

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YouTube tv has local channels also so that's a plus if you like to watch the news. This is the first year I can watch motogp, motoamerica, supercross, motocross and flattrack on one provider.

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After recently getting back from doing the Colorado BDR on my Africa Twin, the CRF450L looks like a bike I'd lean towards if I were to do it again. This kit could give a little more highway comfort to the smaller CRF*L and I'd be all about that.

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Dang, Ralph's been around for 11 years now? Crazy

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You need to figure out what throttle position is used most in his riding prior to jetting changes. If he's not running wide open throttle then the main jet shouldn't be the problem. Main jet is 3/4 throttle on up. I agree with the 101 sugesstion and ... more »

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I remember Mike from the 90's. Super smooth and could rail a rut like nobody's bussiness. I never realized that he was this well known. I remember him pronoucing his last name a little different than I did with me being from South Louisiana. Haha

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And that old dude won 4 of them until he got hurt. Old dude probably would have won that championship, he had it under control until it went out of control going for O/A win 5.

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Get a good JIS screwdriver or JIS bit for the impact to remove case screws. I've done a couple of 40 yr+ engines and the impact and correct JIS bit makes quick work of them. A little heat helps also. I had an '83 and it was a light switch turd of an ... more »

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My sister had one back in the day. I was so jealous on my JR50. The JR didn't even compare.

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I'm sure that he could do somthing similar to an outdoor pavilion by digging another pond and using that dirt. The area closest to the tree line opposite from the starting gate would probably be a good spot.

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I would have liked to see where the manufacturers would be with serious racing development of the 2 strokes had they kept racing them into the modern electronics and fueling era. Motogp developed their 2t's into serious beasts, like a 500cc bike putting ... more »

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It seemed like at least 20k people there. The place is very nice and large. Looking at the sat map, I figured parking would be between the main road and the track but it was further out in the cow pastures that included land mines! They did offer shuttles ... more »

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Try speed and sport.

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This is the whole gulf south. I was in Disney week before last and we were glad there was a chance of rain everyday to cool off. Came back to Florida for the races today and it was hot again. Not so bad when the breeze would kick up but that heat had ... more »

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Chromecast works fine this way.

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I'm in on this dream. Every golf course is an mx track waiting to happen.

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That right there shows why this is a legit pro national series unlike any other in the world.

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When did James beat RC for a SX title? 2007 RC raced part time(select events) while he was getting into circle racing.

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This damn topic comes up too often. If the US is so far behind how did RJ Hampshire win motos at WW? How did Josh Grant become a GP moto winner? Didn't Tomac win a few GP's too? Each side of the pond has fast guys, get over it.

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Funny how a few months back every one here was bashing supercross and how it was ruining our motox. Now since Tomac hasn't gotten a SX championship everyone wants to bag on him. What does vital want? MX or SX? I also disagree with most on Cooper Web ... more »