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You should pick up one of these Baja Designs Slayco pitbike light. It is bright as F*** and badass! There is a guy I follow on IG @utv.chris that has one on his CRF110 and it looks sick.

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I have mounted mine off the side of the upper fork by the front number plate and got some good footage. Lately I have been liking the under the visor angle.

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Why rebuild when you can pick up airbrakes for around $100 or even less sometimes. When I worked at BTO we had parts in stock but hardly sold them. But when we had Airbrakes in sale for $100 people would buy 2 at a time.

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Don't know about the outriggers, but the 100%Armega tearoffs work perfectly on the Oakley Frontline goggles. The shape and pinholes line up

Most shops don't carry the Frontline tearoffs but they will have Armega tearoffs in stock.
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I have used Trustme Mx tires and for the price was a great option when the funds were tight last summer. Mike is a good guy and am happy to support him when I can. Best thing is that Mike delivered the tire to my house. How cool is that? With that said, ... more »

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Benny got caught up in a first lap pileup in the LCQ that took him out, so it wasn't really his fault. My biggest disappointments had to have been Webb and Tomac. The champions of the last two years finishing outside the top ten?! That never happens... ... more »

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I used to shoot Supercross back in 2010-2016 mainly for (at the time) BTO Sports race team, and would provide/sell photos to companies within the industry for their various marketing efforts and submitted to the various magazines. But there was a tightening ... more »

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Good looking bike! I had a 92 KX250 , so I am partial to the 92-93 model years. I will say and it seems you have found out is that the frames were notorious for cracking, both 125/250s on this generation Kawi's. My 92 frame always cracked. Keep this ... more »

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My dad uses the Oakley Frontline goggles and they accept glasses. The frame actually has a notch on the inside that is specifically for the arms of glasses. We tried to modify his airbrakes to no success, then had him try my frontline's as they are designed ... more »

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Riding the tight singletrail out behind the Cahuilla Creek Motocross track. Headed out there with a few friends and explored the maze of trails on a Sunday afternoon. Riding dirt bikes with friends, what better way to spend a day!

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Spent the day spinning laps at Lake Elsinore Motocross Park. With a race on the main track, I could only get footage from the vet and intermediate tracks.

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Give an e-mtb a try. It's the closest to a dirt bike. The weight gives the bike heft while the larger tires provide traction for days. The best part is the pedal assist motor. You can literally go anywhere you want just like a motorcycle. Attack any ... more »

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Rediculious! Get these clowns off the TV!

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I use the 100% Armega and the Oakley Airbrake goggles. Both are fantastic goggles and really have no complaints about either one. I will say the Oakley prizm lens is just a tad better than the 100% HiPer lens. Just a note, if you your a friend are running ... more »

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Awesome find. I had a 92 KX250 and rode the piss out of it. The one huge downfall of the 92-93 is the frame cracking. Kawasaki had some quality issues during those years with frame welds. Always had my bike at the welder. After all the headaches, I would ... more »

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Considering I was laid off, you bet it has changed my moto spending, which is none. Unemployment is going to bills and essentials only, nothing extra. Don't know when I will get another job, so have to be frugal with the money I am getting right now. ... more »

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Of course it was Buttery lol

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May be old, but she is still a blast to ride. 2007 Transition Covert 26'r
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CTI is old tech unfortunately. The owner of Asterisk is the one that designed the CTI. Which makes sense that Asterisk braces frame look very similiar to the CTI. I would look at the new Asterisk carbon tech and super lowprofile.

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AP7 and Bloss got together, which aslo collected BB4. Shame, and Blake was on a tear through the field and would have finished within the top 5 if it wasn't for the second crash.