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I think Casey could get out of his Monster contract easier than Deegan can. Deegan's entire family is linked to Monster, for example look at his sister:

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Which route do these guys think Haiden should go? He wants to keep his relationship with Monster energy, so does he turn pro as a privateer on a KTM and put himself at a disadvantage from the start, or join the best team in the pro ranks and give himself ... more »

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I know I'm getting old when I don't recognize any of the names racing amateurs

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I went to Washougal in 2005 and 2006 for the national and to race Amateur day. Fun track, great atmosphere, rowdy crowd, loved everything about it both times I went. I hope it stays on the schedule so I can go back as an adult and really check out the ... more »

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Yeah he "randomly" came across her. Suuuuuuuure Max

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If he's healthy when the time comes, send Jeremy Martin on the 250. Unpopular opinion but I think we should send Anderson and Webb. Tomac always rides bleh when it comes to the MXdN, Anderson and Webb will always give it their all and never quit, unlike

... more »
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I like what I see out of this kid. I do agree you shouldn't be able to race pro then go back and do Loretta Lynn's in the same season.

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He was a team green rider as an amateur so I'm sure Mitch is very familiar with Dilan and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on factory bike next year if he continues to put it inside the top 10.

Photo cred: Ken Hill
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Man, people have high expectations for riders nowadays. Some of you guys think you need a be a title contender to land a factory ride, guess what, there's 15 guys who can finish on the podium each week if they're feeling good and have a bit of luck. ... more »

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If Anstie can keep it on two wheels I think he'll be battling in that 4-8 range throughout the year, depending on his starts and track conditions.

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Typically in racing, they'll score points from 1st to 20th and 21st-last will not score points. 1st will usually score 25, 20th scores 1 point. If you go 22-22, anyone who scores a point in either moto will score a better overall finish than you. Heck, ... more »

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I almost feel like it's common courtesy to yourself to have it in neutral every time you go back out and ride.

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Jett railed that corner harder than he probably did all day and if it hadn't been for that, he probably would have been on the ground.

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The least talented? I'd say they're all extremely talented, but at this point in their careers I'd say Coop has the most will to win.

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Hard to say. A lot of kids get fast by having that aggressive "on the edge" style and it's hard for them to back it down while still keeping their speed. We see guys like Dungey, Hunter/Jett Lawrence, Pourcel, Sexton etc have fluent riding styles because ... more »

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Chris is a cool dude. I ran into him at an elevator around 2009 and the only thing I can think of was "What's the deal with Friese?" and all he said was "*** that guy". I've been a fan ever since

I'm glad he's okay, been killing it the past ... more »
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And you stay at that level by not crashing your brains out every time you hit the track.

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Watching guys push their front end in a corner and going down is one thing. Huge crashes week-in-week-out that can easily result in catastrophic and career ending injuries is another. At what point does Mitch sit these guys down and tell them to back ... more »

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Jordon Smith vs. Cameron McAdoo. Each week is like a competition of who can end their day the quickest

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He wasn't knocked unconscious. He's clearly looking at the camera guy saying "HOLYYYY SHIIIIIT!"