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^^ nice. I raced for Many years myself. Anyone see the pics of the lift lines at Vail on their powder day last week?? Insanity. Lines must've had 500 people in them or more and at $200 for a day pass they might've been lucky to get 3 or 4 runs in.

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he sure acts like a toolbag sometimes. Those were super desperate attempts. Knowing tomac is just going to blow by him and leave him in the dust anyways. All he is doing is making himself look bad.

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I just finished this episode. Good listen. Only part that frustrated me was Ricky's political correctness when it came to the question about feld being dicks and not letting riders sell their own merch etc. When Ricky down played it saying Feld is going ... more »

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Not necessarily only the moto industry but.. this bothers me when trying to sell a product like sunglasses or something stupid. "Aircraft grade aluminum" .. doesn't really tell me much. Was this aluminum used on an airplane toilet seat? Big deal. "Military ... more »

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I like Matthes and all his content but please stop saying "for reals" on the show. makes you sound like a 12 year old

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Breaking news - roczen flairs up EB virus first race back and no one in his corner will have an explanation all season!!

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Lol so very true. I know a guy with 4-5 homes at any given time plus rental properties. More money than knows what to do with and drives a beater $15,000 pickup truck to the private golf course that costs him 50k a year

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You have been in the sport a long time. Of course they're going to say that. They said the same thing halfway through the supercross season after Preston helped them out. Didn't translate to results. I bet every team heading into A1 and anyone who switched ... more »

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I don't know where they will get the 100 grand from. Surely not from the 200 people in the stadium. Had to be a money losing venture. Hope he gets paid

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On a side note they were also talking on pulp mx that you may have pissed off a manufacturer with your shootout or something? They said someone wasn't happy... care to elaborate?

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I'm no doctor but if I was Martin I wouldn't be taking the chances of crashing again with metal plates in my spine. One more crash and could easily be paralyzed. Not smart

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Was wondering if he gave it to a family or friend.. didn't see it in any of his social media the last couple of years since he got his new one.

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A tenth place pro golfer can make more playing a couple rounds a year. i look at some of those tournament payouts and we are in the wrong sport.

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The fact that a kardashian can show up at a night club in Vegas for a couple hours for their "birthday party" and get paid half a million dollars for one night of their life while I'm going to have to work the next 7-8 years to make that. Or one post ... more »

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I wasn't going to watch because the last 5 interviews I've seen or heard from him it's just been a repeat of "I don't know man, I just love riding my dirt bike" and "fatherhood really changes you" over and over but after reading this thread I will give ... more »

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China has a bad reputation for making bad quality cheap products. They make EXACTLY what we ask for. Cheap and disposable. They're fully capable of making quality products but North Americans are all about saving money. they could compete with German ... more »


Let's do some quick math. My parents bought their home for $150k in 1990. My dad was making maybe $15-$16 an hour at the time at a gas company. Pretty good money. I get out of college and that same house is now 600k plus. I had many job offers less than ... more »


No extra income for a harley here. Trying to save up for an average home price in Toronto of a million dollars. Wish me luck. Thanks baby boomers for being greedy and fucking up the market flipping homes and buying multiple rental houses so young couples ... more »

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Snoooze fest

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Came to it on his own? Who's to say he hasn't been brainwashed into going to church every Sunday since he was In a stroller. It sure sounds like he was born into it to me and doesn't know any different. I wonder how many other religions he studied before ... more »