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I helped a guy out on Mxtrax once with a computer issue remotely...he repaid me by giving me access to the 'after hours' private forum...I'm not even sure how to describe and can't really remember much of it but it was definetly NSFW

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I clicked on vital by accident on my way to watch the race online, saw this thread title in a flash and thought it was congratulating Blake Baggett on the win Threw me a curve ball

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Trying to get British humour across to Americans, the struggle is real

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That's why solar panels, wind turbines, fusion reactors, nuclear reactors, geothermal/hydro schemes and more exist

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yep, missing the first 4 rounds meanwhile Herlings is taking the piss out of him

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I think it's pretty cool to see what the professionals do to get the problems sorted in the heat of the moment and get the bike back on track. It's a tough 1, these days everybody is hell bent on preventing accidents, it's like they are more bothered ... more »

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The thing is that people talk about electric like it is being forced upon them and they are really trying to fight against it. The makers of the Alta electric motocross bike have said themselves their aim is not to eradicate gas powered bikes, they just ... more »

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Absolutely perfect execution

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Have any of these bikes ever looked like or had any parts that actually end up on production bikes?

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Ugh the mass looks nowhere near centralised on that... It will tip over round every right hander

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They mentioned he quite his job and came out of retirement to race this weekend... What exactly was he doing?

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My guess is that you can take something from the speed that they did it. Immediately doesn't happen because of results. We'll see what we can find out.

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I wear an original leatt. Last year I took a spill over the bars on a fair size jump, I landed face 1st in the dirt with the bike right on top of me. I had scuff marks on my face from my goggles and helmet I hit so hard and every time I stood up for

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Brunette for me

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I find it hard to believe these teams stop by local pumps to fill up with fuel for the races. Surely they get it shipped in?

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I haven't paid a cent and I'm watching it free on mxgp?

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I did an uphill jump into some woods 1st lap of practice, got to the top to find a girl pottering along looking at the track like I suppose you are supposed to do on the 1st lap. I landed my front wheel square in the middle of her back, we both went ... more »