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Can we have the slideshow please? I enjoy scrolling the images

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Are you serious, Ping? They replayed in slo-mo and it's clear as day that Stanton never touched him. Healey lost the front wheel all on his own,

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I by talk about it, you're asking if Healey lied his ass off about most of his career, then yes. <--- Moto 1 1991 Suzuka <-- Moto 2 Stanton never touched him ... more »

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Yeah, that didn't happen.

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I loved watching him come over to Unadilla and battle Dungey for the lead all day. Wish more GP riders would come do a few Nationals, and vice versa

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Man, I wish I had pics of Unadilla when they used to only run on it once a year, then knock down the ruts, seed it and wait til the next year. No tilling, didn't even cut the grass off of it.

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I have a 1984 CR250R that my dad traded a Suzuki street bike for. I know he raced it, but I don't know how he did since I was too busy chasing other racers' daughters. I do know that the times that I have raced it, it has never been beaten TO the first ... more »

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Would it be a loss?

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I've been to all of them.. All of them have been packed to the gills.

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Does anyone really care why a 3 digit privateer didn't qualify? I don't get the appeal of this guy.

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They probably had to get the lap times down to fit in the TV window

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It wasn't even that rutted today. This was the hardest and driest national I've been to in years

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You have to be registered to race the amateur day in order to camp at the track. Notice I didn't say that you had to race amateur day.

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And he's never seen RC race in his prime.

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Friday night race bring in spectators? Pass the bong, dude. No one (who is not related to or in adult relations with a racer) is getting out of work at 5pm on a Friday, driving to a track in the middle of nowhere after working all day to watch local ... more »

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Not surprised. No one really wants to ride or watch that shit unless they're being paid to.

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It was NOT at Seneca Highlands, the site of the Tomahawk GNCC. IT was at a farm a few miles away.

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Cant handle the pressure. Either he runs away with the title, or he chokes in the final rounds. It's been his MO his entire career.

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The best in the business, in both classes, got through the starts ok. The only issue happened in the race where the entire gate should have reconsidered wasting their money on their entry fee.

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