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You know who else had the best lap at a 2:24?.....SECRETARIAT

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Definitely the best since Eckman and Bailey. YOU NEED a recent former pro to commentate with a fan of the same sport at the same time. These 2 nail it. I wish they did supercross. Fire Emig and Shaheen. Both are oblivious to whats happening on the track. ... more »

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Worst physics of any Moto game yet. Technology is getting better. How the hell are the games getting worse? Going to return mine after 1 day of use. MES2 was okay; Except the clutch was useless, if you cased a jump the ENTIRE SECTION IS RUINED, you can't roll a single then have any power to take off to double...need I go on? #3 only had the factory teams graphics on your own rider's bike going for it. Other than that, absolutely a waste of gaming money.

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Is everyone blind? No one sees an April Fool's joke out of this?

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^This is the best explanation of what happened and why they ruled it this way. Oldenburg came in too hot to stop in the distance to Martins bike and A-Mart's bike did a freak spin around move and he crashed. Bowers has a lot of bar-banging history. And ... more »

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Add 70 degrees and then its mud if there's enough snow on it.

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Yeah shit like that shouldn't happen.

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This happens every year when we go to Minneapolis Supercross. We already ordered tickets. And being smarter than the people selling tickets, and have gone to every Supercross here since 1995, I know they always put the starting gate closest to the big

... more »

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#toosoon ?

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This is one of the dumbest things happening in MX right now, beside the LIME. The guy was riding thee Factory bike Supplied by the team. Not having him paid, but still a Factory rider... Its the dumbest thing I've heard, twice now; JS7 was riding for ... more »

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I think he definitely gained an advantage. Which in its easiest description of what that is: Gaining ground, and/or time on surrounding competitors. The Martin incident would've had repercussions if he didn't tip over only a handful of corners after ... more »

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Did you really just compare a sun burn to a chemical "burn"? Chemical burn is actually eating thru your skin, not just cooking the tiny top layer of skin. This chemical is probably more cancerous than the sun..

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The way you're talking about sounds like you should be talking about Tomac. Apparently you didn't want to mention him dropping lap times 3-5 seconds each lap late in the motos on some of the roughest tracks we have here. The BEAST MODE of ... more »

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KEVIN WINDHAM. Just ask McGrath, Carmichael and Reed. They all say Windham.

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Terrible troll remark.. Its totally fine if those craigslist bikes were 10 years old.. These guys are riding brand NEW bikes and put on the track for only 30 mins. And now they look like those craigslist bikes. Dumbass.

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I'm rooting for the home state boy to pull it off. A Mart for the Win! As far as the Title, I'm guessing its between: Davalos, Martin, or Cooper. Revised: Martin or Craig for the Win. And add Craig to Title contenders, Forkner has the most speed maybe, ... more »

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Something does need to happen. As much as I hate the "Lawsuit mentality" of the USA, this is definitely a time when it needs to happen. AMA/Feld/Dirt Wurx, whoever made the LIME decision, needs to take responsibility. Its a Multi-Million Dollar lawsuit. ... more »

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Pretty sure this thread is pointless. These guys are only comparable to the 250 West SX Title. Other than that, everything else is totally opposite.

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Agree. Another reason is California is full of snowflakes and bubble wrapped everything. So they put labels of cancer on everything so there isn't a legal issue somehow.

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That's spendy for a helmet. With that said you can't technically put a price on your safety, but I ain't spending over $400. Does anyone else get the feeling of the Motocross apparel industry getting too saturated again? Because this happened before ... more »