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Sucks to hear all the way around. Hope the best to everyone getting their stuff returned. Just remember, not all police are as bad as the experiences some of you have, I know alot of them are moto fans/racers, especially in my area, and would do anything ... more »

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This thread is full of win...and future/current eating disorders. Epic win to Myke for picking out the best and worst for us. Subscribed.

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My family and I will be praying for you. If you need something post it up. May God comfort you and yours in your time of loss. R.I.P Brad Roth 422

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hell yeah. euro scooter helmet. makes a shoei look like a cracker jack box prize

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I was considering purchasing an exhaust from Rocket brand exhausts for my 09 RMZ250. Any one have any experience with this exhaust? If so, please share! Thanks!

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Wow, after reading i feel dumber. I wonder how much the AMA and Feld pay the vitards to question their highly trained medical staff. But I give in....CONCUSSION! HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE GOT BACK ON THE BIKE! btw...these arent the droids you're looking for...

... more »
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I thought the kid on the bmx bike was bogle.

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yup, testing for nitrous and needles implanted in the seat to direct inject PEDs during the race.

... more »
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Wow. Husky, you brought out the gay calling people faggets in one of the first pages. This thread is a perfect example of why some of us are scared to post and have an opinion. Some drunk asshole is gonna bash my perspective; a forum is a place to discuss ... more »

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IMO, Suzuki wont bag on RCH because of Ricky. I would imagine quite an uproar fan wise if Suzuki pulled support from him. I don't see supporting him as pissing in the wind, because it's not all about winning, it's also about publicity/advertising. Ricky ... more »

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Pretty Sure this is what "they" call an upset in the sports world. Cause Im super positive YOU predicted Milsaps for the points leader thus far. If my job was to report on Motocross, I would not have seen this coming. However, I am JACKED Davi is where ... more »

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k. spanks. yup like the pecker extender one better. EDIT for content update: PEDs, really? think there would be some issue with whatever is left of his renal system they had to remove a while back and using those as well, wouldn't there? douchefags

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wouldn't that just get in the way? sheesh. everybody's a fuggin comedian.

now for the real answer?However, I have a feeling im going to like the above answer better. ... more »
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Is Shorty even better since losing the factory stuff, or just getting more exposure due to the hardship. Not being mean and not trying to thread jack, just curious since Regis brought it up.

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Kinda seemed like K dub had a hard time getting a word in, with the rare instance when the others were very briefly speechless. Yes, I realize this was the first time through with K dub, and it takes time to get in the groove. Just seemed like when RC ... more »

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OK, at the risk of sounding like I ride the short bus, what is a PED? Also, on the Yamaha to Suzuki comment... I switched from a Yamaha to a Suzuki last season and saw dramatic improvements in my riding abilities...noticeable to everyone around me. Great ... more »

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that is awesome!

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I tried both these today, got nothing on a variety of this one over? Trying to do a tax refund gear/parts upgrade, so any suggestions on how to get some really good deals, I'm open to. Thanks, Tyler

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AND He's wearing a thor shirt and I see a monster energy can in the background...must be getting paid by Parts Unlimited and Monster to fix wins for the Kawi guys....

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2011 Seattle SX. Just the wife and I, great time. We had a blast walking around the pits and being there for the race. Got to talk to Weimer and the H&H guys. It was great because the wife was into it as much as I was, super fun to share that together. ... more »