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He is practicing at Mildenhall tomorrow!.

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Would anyone have any pics of Kurt Nicoll at all please from the racing?. Thanks.

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I know right!. Try living on this small rock with people up ya ass and everyone hating noise or fun or anything!. I have just bought a brand new MXR from your land and its here on the 2nd Nov!. Can't bloody wait!. I am also, like you looking for property ... more »

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Try living in the U.K. with how small it is, add noise from Moto tracks....this is why my MXR is docking on Nov 2nd!. Can't bloody wait!.

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Another vote for Renthal!.

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Can vouch for Richard at Pro-Carbon U.K. Worldwide shipping!. Tell him Danny sent you!.

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Is there the two Black parts needed available yet anyone?.

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I have owned a few KTM 250 2 strokes, and four's too, and i always seem to go back to the 2 stroke. Had over the years : 2012, 2 x 2013's, 2014 with full Ohlins, and now a new 2020 250. Its just fun!, you have to work it to go fast, and i like that challenge.

... more »
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E-RMZ 2022?....

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"It's not gay if it's 2 strokes" Post of the month!

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Sounded great!. ....where is that track?.

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......I would have before I hit it with a hammer

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Congratulations on the new bike and being your own boss!. But as said, number one upgrade is theft insurance..... Enjoy buddy!.

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Glad you managed to get out for a blast, where are you on this rock?, where did you ride?. I would like to add an exhaust, I can get Dep's at trade so there's that. But as I understand a HGS is also a great system. What made you go for the Dep on yours?. ... more »

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Three stars is harsh!. Would it have been better for you if it was paper thin but still "slick bling"?. Been using Pro-Carbon from Richard for years with no issues and would gladly trade some "weight" for awesome protection.

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Thanks for the reply and tips too. Got it last night!, totally stock 0 hrs. Will run her in then go from there. Was interested in what you said before, the Clutch cover you have, you said you got it from them direct but was a seconds item?, I can't see ... more »

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How are you getting on with this mate?. Just bought a new 2020 & collecting tomorrow, coming from my 2014 it's going to be very different!.

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Thank you for your time in doing all this, always nice to see what's going on.

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