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The split lane ess turn before the finish I don't see happening.

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Motoland has gotten better and he is working on getting his well and said he will be able to make major track changes once that happens. Everything else has stayed the same for the most part.

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add: Valentino Rossi Ricky Johnson Plessinger

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I went from a moto-9 to a shoei to a SM-10 lol. The bell is still probably the most comfortable helmet I have worn but I took a pretty solid hit on the SM-10 and felt nothing from it. It did it's job. The a-stars helmet is freaky light, which is nice ... more »

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Newer but good.

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Kayo is a sub brand of SSR. They hired an ex honda powersports engineer to help make a lot of their bikes, based out of texas, parts are imported from china. I have riden their full size 250 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Pretty solid bikes. The way I explain ... more »

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It has gotten up to $4.12 at the highest around me in AZ. Fk'n insane. bout to be ridin' with biden

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I wanted a two two shift set so bad when I was growing up. It seems they were staying afloat untill FC folded. Do they have any current pros?

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I had an ex one time throw all my stuff on the front lawn by the time I came home from work. Even had the bike laying down in the grass.

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Are you sure it isn't "He looks comfortable"

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JS7 wouldn't be the fastest whoop rider in todays supercross

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And it you don't want ads it's $10 a month. Plus you can watch The Office.

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Monster Energy Supercross The Game: RECYCLED Not mad, I get it. They have a contract to produce every year, understandable. But ahhhh.. Wouldn't it be nice to have a new game..

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We're at $3.70 in AZ. Cost me $89 to fill up my truck the other day. Sucks azz. Time to get the street bike back out.

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Yeah. Hopefully he can make a return. Although I think him not developing the new honda isn't the worst thing in the world.

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Justin Hill, Benny Bloss, Martin Castelo, Brandon Ray.

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You don't really need the front sprocket..

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Kind of expected this out of JJ. He's a leader and will have an impact from the sidelines.

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I like twister better