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I do 20-30 minute motos at Pala Raceway and Cahuilla Creek MX almost every weekend. I just race 13-15 minute motos at vet world championships at glen helen and used just under 1/2 charge per moto. I have notice no degredation in battery life or performance ... more »

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Damn i was so excited first watching this video, thinking about how i could score this sweet tc husqvarna 65, and then my hopes and dreams were destroyed at 1:06

Dean is such a rad dude for doing this. I can't imagine myself at 7 years old ... more »
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I was incorrectly labeled as riding a Kawasaki but i raced my Alta MXR. #371 30+. Would be cool if you updated the results pdf to reflect that. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bryan Haskell (@bwhaskell) on Nov 3, 2019 at 8:34pm PST

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AER48 is probably one of the easiest forks to work on. Go with RaceTech Gold Valves and DIY and save a ton of cash.

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Electric will be the next mainstream innovation in motocross. I don't think it will totally replace ICE options in the near term, but i'd be willing to bet within 10 years a majority of the MX manufacturers will be offering a full sized motocross bike. ... more »

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This bike is a DIY build by a guy in Australia. The guy said he really wanted an Alta but having one shipped to Australia was a logistical and economical nightmare, so he decided to build an electric dirtbike himself. Said he spent about the price of ... more »

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Am i the only guy that goes DOWN a size in Alpinestars boots when compared to my regular shoes? I wear a size 10 shoe which fits me perfectly, and have to wear a size 9 in Alpinestars to get a snug fit. Maybe i just like my boots tight fitting and everyone ... more »

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Would hate to spend the time to head over there only to take drone footage of an untouched hillside. Not very entertaining

but if i have some free time this week i'll pop over there.
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You need a way to "catch" the dirt that is washed off the bike, so you'll need to either dig a hole in the ground and fill it with rocks, or build a raised platform (2x4's) with some sort of removable basin underneath that will catch the water and dirt. ... more »

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Is Joey's contract only 1 year?

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Time to get a P.O. box

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I have a drone, and not far away from Prado.....

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Looks like a very well done conversion. Any idea on the specs? I think it looks great.

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Great edit. It was a lot of fun!

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All parts on the Oakley Airbrakes are replaceable. I just changed the worn out strap and face foam on mine for $35 and they are now as good as new. Way better than spending $100+ on a new set of goggles just because your strap is worn out. Straps are ... more »

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To be fair, and i think Keefer, Brown, and Alessi would agree, the layout for the Vet World Champions is much more tamed down than a layout would be on Pro National day.

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Its a damn shame the AMA and FIM gave Alta Motors so much push back when they were trying to race supercross. Its one of couple of events in Alta's history that eventually screwed their company.

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Heard it through the grape vine the other day. Happy for you DP! Can't wait to see what kind of content you create under team yellow.

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Awesome. Looks like since i wasnt staring at the forums i missed the small registration window you just opened ........ Will you have registration day of?

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Check out the clip below of Moto1 last year. The bike performed very well. I didn't perform very well but finished 4th overall. Used about 1/2 battery per moto.