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bridgestone x30's . For me, i can easily go 20 hours on a rear tire and 40+ on a front tire. I've never had a bridgestone chunk, but have had plenty of dunlops chunk.

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I had a feeling the tracks were going to be more difficult this year. A few things tipped me off: 1. Supercross Futures is now being used to gain supercross points to go into the pros. 2. All of the top amateur riders have been posting videos on social ... more »

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I can watch videos like this all day!

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Lets see your pictures and videos from Glendale Amateur Supercross today.

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Spoke Torque Wrench - I could probably get by with a normal wrench, but this takes all the guess work out of it. It's now part of my maintenance ritual on my bikes to check spoke torque.

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Already tired of this nbcgold broadcast. Why must the camera crew zoom way in on a single rider so that they fill the entire screen? Zoom out and show us the track!!!!!

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Didn't mean to offend. I was being sarcastic. I have the utmost respect for them and all they provide for us.

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Glad a few of you found it funny as it was meant to be.

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Cams and tuning will net you more power increase for less money.

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This has been in the works for a while now. I talked to the owners a few months ago and they were hinting at the possibility. They're also widening the entrance and making a new exit out the back of the track which should help.

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Sure you live close, but the road from the 15 to the track is SINGLE LANED and is going to be bumper to bumper from the track all the way onto the 15. Mark my words. You're probably better off bringing a bicycle and parking at the Mobil Gas station just

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I think he's great. He's an awesome guy in person (outside of the tv stuff). You guys have to remember that his TV personality has to cater to the entire audience, from die hard motocross guys to 1st time watchers.

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Currently getting prepped to race Anaheim 2 amateur supercross on January 20th! 52mm Cone Valves, Factory triple clamps, factory brake caliper, revalved shock with a stiffer 6.3kg/mm spring. ... more »
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They don't always have the best prices. I usually start by checking RM but then venture over to MotoSport and BTOsports just to compare. Sometimes the other 2 are slightly cheaper.

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After turn 1 they go all the way back to the lane that is closest to the start gate, and have to go through 5 lanes before they get to the turn at the end of the start straight. There will be plenty of time to attend to a rider down at the end of the ... more »

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Well, the 52's aren't mine. I'm borrowing them from Mark911 here on Vital (what a great guy he is). But DAMN THEY ARE GOOD!!!!! So i'm enjoying them while i have them.

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No. Its a startup by passionate SoCal motocross riders.

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Who can i call in the USA?