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You dont get high off of CBD brother. THC is what gets you high. You were smoking a fat mary jane my friend.

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Damn, sounds like a missed a good one.

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Chinese rider Tianwei Peng #59 is listed on the stats as riding a "KTM" ?

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You're assuming a gas generator is the method used to produce the power to recharge the bike at the track. I think in many cases that would be true. However, some tracks, ORV parks, etc have RV hookups that can be used to pull power from the grid. If ... more »

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9 looks so good

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I think he means his pants are getting caught in the front kneecap joint of the brace. Mine get caught sometimes too. I'm currently wearing JT pants.

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Great show so far!

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MMS_BONALLS here.... you guys probably thought i was a little shit back then

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"Stock" suspension is set up for some target rider of some target skill level on some type of motocross track. That's not necessarily what YOU, the rider of said bike, need. It may work for some but definitely not everyone. Everyone is different in their ... more »

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Running straight AvGas 32:1 with Maxima Super-M through a Lectron carb on my 04' KX125 with a cut head. Runs great!

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View this post on Instagram She sounds so crispy 🤪 Thanks for a fun couple days with some premix boys @honda_powersports_us PC @harris__110 A post shared by Trey Canard(@treycanard) on Sep 11, 2019 at 3:41pm PDT

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I'd rather not have to wait until the bike is started before realizing it's gone out of my garage...

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I ran Tusk wheels on my KX450 for probably 30 hours, and then put them on my KX125 for another 30 hours. Spokes were a little loose right out of the box so i torqued them all to spec before riding on them. After every ride for the first 5 rides or so, ... more »

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Man GuyB. You always figure out a way to get absolutely rad shots that only the die-hard motocross fan can truly appreciate. That photo of AC tells the story of his entire career thus far. Curious: What do you do with the hundreds/thousands of extra ... more »

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Via foxmoto's ig:

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Dude, thats why i bought my second Alta! "I bought it for her" (i really bought it for me).

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Looks like i'll pass then. Never had a problem racing my Alta against 450s in any other series.

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I used to live in a condo complex in UTC La Jolla with a parking garage. There was no way i was going to leave my brand new dirt bike(at the time) just chilling in the parking garage, so i always wheeled it into the elevator up the my 3rd floor unit

... more »
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Damn shame they went out of business.