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We all love watching Chad ride when he's on, but not when he's just riding around in 10th place. Here's hoping he comes in healthy and prepared and can make it click again.

-MAVERICK- left a comment 5/20/2019 12:37 PM

Skuzzy29 is the one that down voted the Pourcel comeback.

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Who would downvote this. The guy was paralysed and came back to win his first race back and the SX championship. I'm pretty sure he still had to piss into a bag for a long time.

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Dude can barely train and he just pulled a 20 second gap. Thank god shittycross is over so we can see Ken's talent in all it's glory.

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So the monster exec is paying for his son to ride for rockstar husky? That's what you're actually saying? Lmao I've read some retarded shit here but that takes the cake.

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Doesn't Covingtons dad work for monster? What nepotism are you talking about?

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He really didn't know he was done until now? Damn even vitards knew he was retired before he did.

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Who knows who'll pick tickle hopefully some offers will trickle in if not then he's in a pickle cuz he's gotta make a nickel

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The dude cross-rutted and crashed, the bike displacement had nothing to do with that. If he cracks under the pressure of a 250 championship it'll be way worse in the 450s.

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Feel bad just for Kawasaki in general. Imagine hiring two of the hottest prospects out of the amateurs and as they both finally put it together, they proceed to throw away their championships in the same year. Some serious loss of investment there.

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It was the special Cianciarulo bend that he designed himself. Turns out they're not so good for winning championships with.

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I'm sure you can take full credit for Cooper's championship with your words of wisdom. Your open letter is still just as creepy as it was when you posted it the first time.

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I see it as a guy who is over beating himself up and is trying to keep a positive attitude.

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Not even with Adam's history of crashing? I didn't want it to happen but it was always a pretty good possibility.

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I can. You really couldn't see this happening?

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If you take off your nostalgia glasses you might realise just cuz something is retro doesn't automatically mean it looks good. I mean let's face it if that retro stuff didn't exist and a company released pink and blue gear with zebra stripes you old ... more »

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Lol'd. But seriously, Ricky still rides, James doesn't, so the answer should be obvious.

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See I don't know how anyone can look at that first pic then call me gay for not finding it hot. Looks like a dude in a bra.

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I wouldn't really complain about her but at the same time I dunno why they can't find someone like Mercedes. Last two girls have been blocky core big ass bodybuilding types instead of thin waist big ass model types. Surely this would be nicer to look

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