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It shouldn't be illegal in the first place. People choose to believe what corrupt politicians placed before them in order for the politicians to benefit and profit from such. Turn off your tv and find the real truths dude. Kids are more hypnotized by ... more »

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Seven is the best setup but I do like my tech 10's

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No engine braking and does that bike have a clutch?

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lol exactly

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Depends what price range. You could go with a fox instinct or there new 180 boot I think it's called or even a comp 5.

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Trey Camard, Cary Hart, Jimmy Albertson and prolly more guys than I can think careful but enjoy and live life..good luck bud.

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I like both riders and hope they can put it together..

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Ur basically asking for people to tell you what to do. Do I look cool guys, do I??

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If it wasn't for my 2 stroke I wouldn't be able to afford riding every weekend.

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Mathes alluded to Cooper not being focused and there being trouble within his inner circle. This is not good nor is it he hurt himself at the gp. For him to be "the next guy" it's not looking good. Anyone have any more info?

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I see Roger talking to JBone, they ride suzukis and Malcolm was riding a Suzuki, hmmmm

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Just needs the "free candy" stickers and you're set.

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Damn what a bummer. Probably gonna mess his head up being that it's his first race on the bike...

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Praying he likes it and can get to his former self

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We're dead in the water

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I agree I don't like it.

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Has anyone watched the videos yet they're on transworld. All the videos are awesome but I personally like jackos the best. The filming and theme is what sets it apart from the others. What do you guys think?

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I used to always get the gold chain, but other than the color it never provided me any difference in quality or longevity. Just my opinion...

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Heal up brotha

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I don't even know if Webb would want to go at this point.