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Anyone else having audio issues? I'm on Xbox1 and out of nowhere ( I think the change happened while loading a custom track) my engine sound has gone to complete shit. I have to turn my volume up super high just to hear it and then it sounds as if it ... more »

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Man, they nailed the realism in this game; after winning a main on my stock ass 250 the prize money was so shitty I still couldn't afford an exhaust!

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AD Air Force, EAS 2020 but plan to stay in as long as they'll have me.

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Some of you guys are ridiculous about Californians. I lived in Boise for 8 years. I loved it then and would love to live there again someday. For perspective, I've also lived in Nevada, California, Alaska, Hawaii, and Texas. All of these places had people ... more »

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I never said the scrubs didn't look like shit, my point was now I can actually use them. For some reason the control was totally different before the reset. I don't know, maybe it all had to do with the training. Maybe the improvements to the rider wasn't ... more »

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Just checked. Mine is also but last updated 7/272018. So I don't know what's going on. And yeah, I thought a 14gb update was a little ridiculous. Kind of sucked I couldn't play it for about three hours. So when you do scrubs are you able to hold ... more »

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Why would I make it up? I wouldn't be so quick to call someone a liar. Here's what I know. After wrapping up the 450 championship in career mode, I thought I might be good enough to race some people online, but it turns out I was having all sorts of ... more »

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Just updated my game on Xbox the other day and there are some definite improvements. The scrub is very different now, you get a lot more control than before, it's totally up to you to bring it back. It's actually pretty useful now. If you start the scrub ... more »

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Anyone else having trouble bringing back the scrubs consistently. A lot of the times it seems to overcorrect or at least not give me much control in how far I bring it back. Most of the times this leaves me flying off the track. Maybe I'm missing something? ... more »

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1-1. That was a very solid showing on a brutal track against very tough competition. Good job RJ. He rode hard and deserved that one. I think he will have a great showing next year.

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Many Americans have known this for years. We aren't all the same.

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We better send a team. The biggest and most important race of the year.

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Love it!

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Great race and cool track. Two of the best ever.

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That's awesome. I used to race there a lot about ten to fifteen years ago. The layout has opened up quite a bit and looks much faster. Man, I miss that place. Nice riding too.

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I really like MXGP2. Put it into 1st person so you never have to see the ridiculous physics and it becomes a pretty awesome game. Love the tracks. Cant wait to try their next one.

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Did he ride it out?

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That stuff isn't even possible in video games. Not sure what planet he's from.

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I lived in Vietnam for 5 years and have done many moto trips around the country. You'll have an amazing adventure. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Huge congratulations! Those guys are amazing.