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The easiest and cleanest way to do this is to use rubber cement and a heat gun/hair dryer. Rubber cement comes with a brush and you simply apply it liberally the plastic all the way to the edges. Once it binds after 30-45 seconds, you simply rub off ... more »

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According to today's article, Kroc switched suspension after going 2-2 at Thunder Valley. What's the word?

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The MXA crew have more knowledge testing bikes than any organization in the world. Jody and his crew have ridden practically every bike made since the 70's including every pro level bike, plus they race almost every single weekend. Think about if you ... more »

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2nd moto effort was even more impressive. Seemed in complete control and never looked sketchy.

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All aboard the ignorant train. No empathetic or rational riders allowed

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This is an branch off of the "What would you do to supercross tracks to make them less "cookie cutter" thread. It's obvious many fans, even hard core Supercross fans are getting bored of the modern design of the tracks. I've been thinking of ways to ... more »

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Your frustration is understandable since you believe the part was defective, but whether you spend $20 or $20k a year with RMATVMC, it has no relevance in their decision in this specific situation. Like everyone is mentioning, RMATVMC did go to bat for ... more »

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BH, move along, everyone else did the wise thing and just ignored the post.

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You're welcome, happy to provide a dose of butthurt to those who can't handle truth

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I can already envision Trumps tweet on this topic... MXA's Mistakes are a disgrace and reaching unpresidented levels. Despite the constant negative press covfefe they continue to report FAKE NEWS. Slippery Jody Wiesel is the worst editor ever of the ... more »

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The sport is all about fun and feeling like a hero. While the 250 will be more fun than the 450, nothing compares to a 150 for pure enjoyment of the sport.

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Brilliant, nicely done!

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Has Scott improved the fitment of the Prospects? I bought a pair after initial release and they always slid down and sat low on my nose making them uncomfortable to wear. This exact issue was mentioned in several magazine reviews as well. If it wasn't ... more »

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You're probably the perfect candidate for a 150 and would likely never look back. The 150 will "feel" 50 lbs lighter and you'll learn to become a better rider and will always feel like a hero. This sport is about enjoyment and the satisfaction of trying ... more »

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Good point. Most every print service sends proofs free of charge and forces the customer to accept or deny the work prior to production. It only makes good business sense/practice for DW to do the same.

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Nice try but that's a terrible comparison. When I buy a vehicle or FMF pipe the logo is already attached and obviously disclosed and then it's my choice When I purchase a custom made product, I expect to have it delivered as per my custom specs.

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Same experience for me. I've been using them for years and have tolerated the less than friendly customer service. Recently I ordered a custom set of just swing arm graphics and they placed there DW logo on the decals even though I made it clear I only ... more »

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Jordan River OHV will likely be open Saturday and Sunday. It's the closet facility to SLC and about 15 minutes to the stadium. Follow their facebook page: Otherwise, you can look up Rocky Mountain Raceway as an ... more »

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These are a must IMO - High quality helmet (Troy Lee SE4, New Fox lids, 6D, or any other with MIPS) - Chest protector, not roost guard (My personal favorite: Troy Lee Designs Shock Doctor CP5955) - Knee braces (not knee pads): High end POD, Asterix, ... more »