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Fact, for every degree centigrade the earth warms, the atmosphere holds 7% more water vapor. I just returned from Europe and relocating my Mother from catastrophic floods that wiped out dozens of towns in Germany and killed approx 300. A small river ... more »

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Please make a readable version.

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There is no shortcoming with the current generation 2021 XACT air forks. The AER fork arrived in 2016-17 and each year it's improved and today it's close to on par with the SSS fork. If the trend continues in 5 years the average rider might laugh at ... more »

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I would take 2 and most likely all 4. What is the face value? Please DM me

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"I have to laugh" when I read blatant naiveness. In this case it's a certainly this individual has never owned or run a sustainable business.

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What do Peloton and KTM have in common? The market has spoken. They are the best choice in their respective verticals

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He's overriding the 450, treating it like a 250 and not the little extra respect a 450 requires.

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Give this man a long term contract, he's the best race caller we've had in 15+ years

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Hoping someone may have a CR85 big wheel kit lying around in storage and willing to part ways with it for a reasonable price. Even better, if you know anyone in Utah all or some of the following parts I would welcome being put in touch with them. 1. ... more »

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His podium speech was an epic thrown down aimed at the rest of the field.

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To each their own. Prediction #2, this post ^^^ won't age well after the market gets more time on the new AER's. They may not say it's better, but "not even close" will likely be replaced with "on par or equal to with the KYB SSS".

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I predicted/suggested in 2017 that the AER forks would be a generational fork for KTM over the next 10 years. The 2021 Xact AER are by many accounts on par or really close to the KYB SSS. WP was committed to this effort and it's likely going to pay off ... more »

Started new thread Barcia trolling us about his forks: Air or Spring 1/7/2021 8:22 PM

Barcia is being coy when asked about whether he's running air or spring forks, is he trolling us or does the KTM mothership prevent him from telling us he's running factory Xact cone valves. Check out the 2:10 mark

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Ah hell, WESS did an amazing job building an independent and really rad brand for extreme offroad. The growth of the series seemed off the charts and who didn't love the brand name "World Enduro Super Series". It seems this is nothing more than the FIM ... more »

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Battery Park is several steps down compared to Paradise, no comparison. Paradise the the best the area has to offer with Battery Park on the other side of the spectrum, but I will say it been 4+ years since my last visit to BP.

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Pineville MX is the closest track, about 35 mins from North Chuck. Keith does a good job on Facebook updating when the track is open.

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Let's create some ruckus with the CTI crowd. CTI custom braces are awful and from my experience no one should wear them. For context, in the past handful of years I've extensively worn the original POD K100, POD K4's, Mobius X8, and two pairs of custom ... more »

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Thanks but no thanks. Visually they are close, internally and performance very different.

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DM;d you my text and email. I may need 2 sets.

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Looking for a new set of 2021 XACT air forks off of a KTM/Husky/GasGas 250/350/450. If anyone is looking to sell, please DM me.

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