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Has anybody seen the track maps for the 2019 SX series or have they even been released? I can not find anything online.

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Thanks for sharing the pics! Subframe looks very bent, exhaust took a blow it looks like, better check the exhaust and the mounts for cracks. If the disc hit the subframe that hard, the spokes, rim and the hub could have issues also! Swing arm looks ... more »

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Don't they normally release it before the end of SX? What is going on? Would be nice to start planning on things in advance for next year. I am in for San Diego for sure If it is still on the schedule. Rumor of Denver as well, I would certainly like ... more »

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I had a 2004 model for 2 years, Bought it from a pro rider 1 year old even. Rode it for 2 years and never had a single issue with the engine or top end, performed routine maintenance and it was a great bike! Friend of mine had a 03, way more hours on ... more »

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None in AZ shunter986, Stopped by the local dealer last Thursday. Kawasaki website says available as well. Dealer salesman said that they are available in CA, Can any of you CA guys verify that?

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When does the 2019 schedule get released?

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Interesting, I was at Chapparal last weekend and asked to see one of the Fasthouse hats under the glass display cabinet. I looked at it, but the bottom of the bill was green so I did not buy it. I wear solid black hats only. The lady said that seems ... more »

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Sounds like every Dealer in the AZ metro area with all brands. I hope they love paying interest on machines on the floor and/or the warehouse. I have a few stories as well... I’m old school and appreciate shops, but fees and BS have me done. Then they ... more »

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Best advice ever from Brocsdad and I second that! I’ve been with my dirt bike gal since 1999, be tough up front! They don’t like your hobby they can move on! Be tough and a Alpha male as said. Let her come with and get her into Moto

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I will be headed to Huntington Beach from AZ Friday morning all the way through Monday. There is a possibility of us going to GH Saturday. Not 100% sure yet, PC is a stop on the list on the way to the beach Friday. If any of you Vital guys are near the ... more »

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Why are you switching from the 350?

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A dealer here had a 16 RMZ 250 listed at $5,495 on there floor. I was told $7,300 out the door. I actually started laughing when the price was said to me.

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99 YZ125, bought it brand new and rolled it off the dealer floor for $4,199. Bike was fast! I made it into a Yamaha Of Troy replica with Enzo modded suspension even. It was a VERY BIG mistake selling that bike...... Live and learn.......

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Nice! Which beach is that? I'm here 1 more day and the sun is going to be out Sunday

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Hello Vital members! My gf and I are headed to The San Diego SX and are staying right next to Petco park this weekend for the SX through all day Sunday, We are driving and then putting the vehicle in park Friday AM in the Gaslamp Quarter area until we ... more »

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I have personally heard of 2 stories of this stuff happening! Oil changed by the owner and the warranty is immediately done, I will not say the brands or models......... That's why I bring my toys home in boxes or with windowed engines or in worse shape....... ... more »

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THIS ^ I had one that was stock except for a exhaust system. Once it was jetted perfect, you would be surprised how fast and fun that bike can be!