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so does an F1 track, weather changes, heat, tire choice all plays a role. The track is not the same from start to finish

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problem with this is it wont be 1 or 2%. we would have to fix the entire medical billing problem because its a scam. I'm sure they aren't charging $400 for a butterfly bandaid and another $400 for some superglue. They charge this because they all get ... more ยป

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try to go to the settings and then applications, find nbc sports, clear cache first then hit uninstall, after that hold the play/select button until the firestick resets, then try to download it again

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have you tried a firestick or appleTV? most VPN can be run on those as well and should be able to access through nbc sports app. if you go the jailbreak route, which is not hard to be honest. download LocationFaker

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They have data overlay

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OP do you use nylock nuts or stover nuts?

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exactly what i think when I hear people saying it needs to be bigger and attract more big corporate sponsors/tv time.