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Warren Buffett said no more just as he didn't renew the Heinz Field Contract. I have been with Geico for over 20 years and love them, nobody can beat the rates I have on cars, boats, bikes and home. They were a great but I wish someone would have picked ... more »

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Long term likely not unless you are considering a home on wheels. Just remember buy when the market is down and not at it's peak. Cars, bikes, boats and other toys always depreciate with few exceptions. If you can't afford to pay cash then don't buy ... more »

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Baggett has speed but can't keep it on two wheels.

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I used a 2006 CRF450 kick start lever and it worked perfect, bolts right on with no clearance issues.

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It's without a doubt the best production bike available

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More great work


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In the high heat conditions of Florida and Texas I know that many of the top riders take IV's everyday the week leading up to the race. There is nothing not legal about getting fluids prior to the event. You can even get them for hangovers in Vegas.. ... more »

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I know lol, back in the day in Houston.. Rio Bravo Nationals were almost always in August and having lived in Florida, Texas and California... None of them have S^%$ on Houston when it comes to heat and humidity.. 45+2 on a vintage bike in that heat ... more »

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Isn't that crap the Japs are pushing on us? You would be surprised that around 70% of all dirt products including gear is from China. Bend over and get ready as we are going to get it hard .

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Tomac is the only person that can beat himself, checkers or wreckers time to line um up! Since we are the Jr NAPCAR Series. BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY BOYS LET'S GO RACING! That's just not right to me lol.

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Most folk on here don't know how to make this bike haul and RIV187 is correct, send the top end to Eric Gorr and follow his advice. His prices are more than fair and you will be super happy if you follow his instructions exactly.

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Typical Kawasaki 450, they are junk just like back in the early to mid 80's. I went through more trannies then a Saturday night on the strip.

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America has always been great my friend.

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That is the guy!! Thanks!

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I need a stock shock built and had one done a few years ago by a guy in Colorado. Whould anyone know who i'm talking about? Pretty well known for building great shocks. Thanks>>

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It's a fact that Wyn is not the best businessman around, there is definitely more to this story.

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James has been through more than anyone should have to go through, please speak with your wallet even if it is 20.00! It will make a difference! He has done so much for people that turn their heads, shame on you. Please help ... more »

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How do you know the top ORTHO I speak of isn't KROC's Dr? I'm not saying he is but it is possible. I really really hope Kenny beats the odds but it isn't likely. Prayers for Kenny to prove them wrong!!

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I hope but be realistic, I have a very good friend that is a top ortho that deals with high profile athletes and he says 70/30 % chance he never gates up again. I hope he is wrong. Thank goodness he is set financially. Being selfish I hope he comes back ... more »