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I think it’s great. He’s a good personality and it adds to the comedic value of the show. It’s now a running joke. Fast forward Through it if you don’t like it.

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They also need an amateur MXDN 😂.

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It’s sad that this was the highlight of the race

Started new thread 2006-2008 and Kawasaki kx450F exhausts 8/19/2019 6:30 PM

2 factory 4.1 silencers (one has dent and is cracked on side.. see pics Power bomb header (like new) Megabomb header (like new) Complete OEM system (like new) Pm if interested Asking 400 + shipping for everything Location: nj

... more »

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Added reply in a thread Davalos - SX2020 8/18/2019 10:10 PM

He’s the number one candidate for the first fill in ride of the year. If he goes into the season with the mentality of just doing fill in rides that would be great for everyone. He can Collect his gear money (provided no sponsor conflicts). Have a low ... more »

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What answer choice has Stewart in it...............that one

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They need to get a drone at these races

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I have more respect for Kawasaki now than ever. Good for them. I think the us should completely boycott the MXDN all together. We at the stars of the show. Without the USA the mxdn is just another MXGP that no one cares about. Our teams and riders get ... more »

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That would be sweet!!!! Dude deserves it

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A photo of stew

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Jason Lawrence is the real j law. If any rider wants that nickname they need to be an off the wall badass. When Jett starts packin’ fat lips on the podium then he will deserve the nickname.

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Because we need the FIM so we can host a WORLD SUPERCROSS in Zimbabwe

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Steps to become a successful racer. 1. Have beef with Barcia 2. Go to factory KTM 3. Win a ax title Maybe Joey has a trick up his sleeve.

Started new thread New rule changes for this upcoming weekend 7/18/2019 1:19 AM

With all the inconsistencies relating to the penalty system in our sport, what are the chances that the “rule makers” were able to sit down, devise a plan going forward, and somehow implement said plan over the week off. The insane amount of attention ... more »

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Kinda disappointed when the new Supercross schedule came out and Nashville wasn’t on the list. Does anyone know why it was taken off ? I know the price of getting the stadium is a big factor but the cool thing about Nashville is that you can make a cool ... more »

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Agreed. Ever since dilla last year I’ve been a fan. His style in one of the best in the class

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Probably because he’s not a pushover kiss ass “yes man”

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Kenny is one hell of guy. Unbelievably raw, honest and open. That was one of the most entertaining pods I’ve listened to in a while. covered every aspect of emotions and went deeper into the industry than I could have imagined. Anyone who could say anything ... more »

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James Stewart comeback year

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That’s interesting. Good call on that update